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Friday, July 3, 2015

Airport Strangers, Churros, and WaWa

Today started out as a slow day. The rain seems to have followed us from Houston. The morning rain was terrible while we were on our way to the Atlanta airport. The cars in front of us splashed us with the water forming on the road. Mr. Hillyer was afraid that our flight would be pushed back and he was right. We were supposed to be on a flight to Orlando that connected to Philadelphia but that didn't work out. On the bright side, we were able to upgrade to a direct flight to Philadelphia, but it would not leave for another 5 hours.

We didn't do much at the airport besides watch funny videos, eat at Five Guys, and talk about AP tests. After the five hours, anyone could tell that we were tired. We witnessed one of the airport workers throw our bags onto the conveyor belts. It hurt just a bit watching my precious cargo be thrown onto the belt backwards. We laughed a bit afterwards. This is a warning to everyone out there to not pack any fragile items in their check in bags. 

On the flight, Joanne and I had the pleasure of talking with a New Yorker named Kris. We exchanged our thoughts on racism, differences in our generations, and college opportunities all in a two hour span. He was a very nice guy who had a lot of interesting life stories to share with us. Sitting with a stranger seemed a bit scary at first but our conversation with Kris made the flight go by faster. 

Right after we got off our plane, while others used the restrooms, I stopped over by a corner store for Philadelphia souvenirs and got a baseball hats. I'm really into baseball hats lately because they're stylish, though  I don't really like baseball. I got a Philadelphia hat and decided that on our way back to California, I would stop by for a T-shirt. I already know I'm going to love this city so I might as well represent.

After the flight, we rushed over to the hotel, put our bags down, and explored the city. I am completely in love with UPenn. I visited it for a day last year and I loved the city as well as the campus and I loved it even more this time. The vibe was everything I'm looking for in a city. Everything was calm, the weather was nice, and the people were courteous. I loved the fact that the campus was open and part of the city. The architecture is completely my kind of college aesthetic. I would not mind at all if I got accepted here for college. Mr. Hillyer says that the UPenn has one of the best Pre-Med tracks in the country which is really exciting to me. 

We saw a different parts of the city such as the oh-so-famous WaWa. For those who do not know what WaWa is, it's as if Subway, 7-11, and everything else good in the world got together and created the ultimate convenience store. 
We stopped at Distritos, a really good Mexican restaurant, for dinner. It took a
while to get my food and desert but I didn't mind so much because the food was worth it. I ordered Huarache De Costillas with short ribs which was really good. It kind of tasted like pizza but better. I had churros for desert but since it took so long, I decided to box it up so I wouldn't keep my cohort out too long. Our walk back to the hotel was really nice. We stopped by WaWa for some midnight snacks and gathered for a blogging party. Tomorrow is fourth of July and I've been looking forwards to this day the whole week. John knows most of what there is to know about Philly so I'm very excited for what the day has in store.
statues or UPenn cohort?...who knows

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