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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Laundry,Swimming Pool, Pool Table & BBP

Today I woke up to do laundry at 8 with my dorm mates. We spent most of the morning in the laundry room since it was filled with people. My roommate slept in since he slept later than I did and needed to catch up on sleep. My dorm mates, Johnny and Premal, and I went to eat breakfast together after doing laundry. We all sat together, almost all my dorm joined us later on. We walked back together and I went to my room and stayed in catching up on work.

Bobby's Burger Palace
Being inside alone on a Sunday wasn’t fun so I took a break and went swimming and I swam till I got tired. The water felt great and I got a great workout out of swimming. I then went into the sauna and stayed in for a surprising 15 minutes. After I finished I went to the weight room and started lifting weights to stay in shape for track season. I plan on gaining muscle weight this summer so that when I am done with cross country season I won’t be too skinny. I finished a quick workout and headed back to my room. When I got bored of catching up with work I went over to my Nick and Fred’s room where them, Johnny and Premal were watching Netflix. I joined them and I watched two episodes. It was nice to just relax and spend time with friends. I went back to the gym to finish catching up with my work while I waited for my cohort to finish their workout. We all then headed to a food court by CVS and it was closed so we were all disappointed.

I ended up having dinner with Johnny, Premal and Noah, my dorm mates. We went to Bobby’s Burger Palace and had a good meal which ended up with a debate on whether Chemistry is a field in Physics or Physics a field in Chemistry. Physics ended up winning since it describes the world which Chemistry is part of. We walked back to the dorms around 8:30 and went to play Pool. The pool game went great even though Johnny and I lost twice. We signed in and went to our dorm’s Lounge to watch more Netflix before we slept.

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