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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Student Presentations and Center city

Today, when I came into class Professor Lamas was reading off the schedule for the day. He began by telling us who was teaching the morning session(s).

The morning session had 3 parts basically, the first was a presentation about China by Amanda, the second a documentary about the NCAA along with a follow up discussion by Murray, and then the third was a presentation about different economic systems around the world by Inger, Edgar, Bill, and Stephen. Also, while that was taking place a student discussion was being held downstairs.

I decided to stay upstairs to watch the presentations of my fellow students, because they brought up topics we didn't talk that much about and I wanted to learn more from their perspectives.

Amanda is a very nice young lady who brings up valid points in any discussion we have, so I knew her presentation was going to be great. It lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes which wasn't very long compared to our lectures. One thing I really liked about her was that she was able to answer questions about China that were not based on the presentation itself. I also liked the fact that she "kept her cool" while all these somewhat random questions were being asked. 

Professor Lamas declared that we were ready for a break at 10:27 AM and the break would end at 10:30 AM. That wasn't that much time but as you might have figured the break ran over because of conversations between students and staff.

At 10:35 AM, Professor Lamas introduced our next presenter, Murray. The documentary he showed us was really interesting, because it brought to my attention all of the injustices in the sports world. I didn't stay for the discussion because it went into lunch and I was really hungry.

Then, it was lunch and I was really excited because I was super hungry.  For lunch we went to the Houston Market. One thing, I knew I had to do was spend a bunch of the Penn card money because I wasn't going to be able to spend the rest of it before the end of the program.  So, that's exactly what I did. I bought a bag of weird soy chips, a teriyaki bowl, a juice, a fruit cup and two waters. I couldn't finish everything at once but I did finish it all.

Class started with nearly the same procedure.  This time it was around the world presentation, this presentation felt longer than the others but it was just as informative. After, their presentation was complete Professor Lamas dismissed the class early. It was at least 3:30 which was quite early for this class to be dismissed but I feel as though the reason behind this early dismissal was the "final wrap-up" with our teaching fellow group.

My teaching fellow meeting was supposed to start at 5:00 PM, yet it didn't start until about 5:30 which just so happened to be the time I planned on leaving to go to Center City with Chiamaka, Jun, and Joanne. I was really enjoying the conversations I was having with my group so much, until I decide to leave at 5:45. Leaving at that time should have made me late to the meeting area. The meeting area was the area that all of the students who wanted to go to Center City would meet up with the RC's who were assigned to this outing.

Luckily, I made it just in time and with there being such a small group of us I don't think any would have had a problem waiting a little while longer. Plus, it only took about 10 minutes to get to Center City on the trolley. We only had an hour and a half to do all of our shopping which was a fair amount of time but shopping isn't fair.

In that window of time I found literally nothing and that was fine I just wished we had gone sooner. It was really fun and a very nice area. it reminded me of San Francisco but in a miniaturized form.

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  1. If you missed school stuff to go shopping, at least tell me you got something that was worth it.