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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Taking on the Jersey Shore

My morning started with the visible eagerness of going to the Jersey Shore today. Although the sun wasn't welcoming throughout the day, we made the best of it and had an amazing time riding on horrendous roller coasters, eating delicious ice cream dots, and having a great bonding time!

Beanbag slide
What was originally planned for the morning wasn't buying takeout from the food truck but going to a nearby cafe and enjoying some French toast along with iced tea, but everyone  woke up later than usual. Everything was then planned as we progressed through the morning. The breakfast truck we went to get bagels and sandwiches was on point. That is, it exceeded our expectations. I ordered a BLT on white bread. The bread was toasted to perfection with perfectly cut bacon and avacado that doesn't suddenly fall out. When my Penn card runs out of dining money, I'll be sure to get breakfast at that food truck. Shortly after getting breakfast, the whole Summer Discovery program started boarding the AC'ed buses (thank god). My RC group was on Bus 8 so we had a tad bit more time to get onto the bus. I used that time to finish my breakfast before getting on the bus and potentially making my spot dirty from the sauces. 
Hello Jersey Shore!
The bus ride took around 2 hours to get to Jersey Shore. Our bus was the last to arrive and when I walked towards the entrance, I saw my cohort all smiling and I knew we were going to have an awesome time today! We started by scanning the whole boardwalk and eventually landed ourselves into the amusement park area. We're all kids at heart so I wasn't surprised that we didn't go eat or shop first. Elexis and I have many things in common and one of them is that we are SUPER afraid of heights. For the first ride, we watched Chiamaka, Justeen, and Joanne get on the crazy spinornado. I have no idea why they didn't fly out of their seats but it sure did seem like it. Because we skipped out of that one, they friendily forced us to aboard a roller coaster with a breast cancer logo track. To them, that roller coaster was for babies but for Elexis and I, it was telling us to challenge the extreme. I sucked up my fear and went up to the podium to board the coaster. My goodness, the worker there tricked us that the safety harnesses didn't latch to the seat and we'd need to hold onto it by ourselves. To be utterly honest, I thought I was going to pee my pants when he said that that but thank god it was just a joke well made; made us very much scared. 

After that ride, all of us went on the scariest one: the Double Shot. No it is not the Starbucks kind but it sure had the same effect. That crazy machine threw us high up in the air and 0.01 seconds later we were talking as if it was a suicidal practice. No way am I going to get on any machines like that from now on. Also, Elexis' shoulder got partially dislocated from that ride so that's another reason why I will not challenge those kinds of rides in the future. My foot also got much worse after walking for the whole day. Its been hurting since two weeks ago but I thought I just had a growth sprint. Um I don't think that's the case now. I think I'll get some aid from my RC and see what's up with it. 

We ended our beach journey at 5:15PM and started boarding right when the buses came. We organizations were not the best to keep everyone together. ( realized that other people one. We made it back to the Quad at 7:30PM so dinner was to be talked about in the air. Our cohort literally has us p,to flush. Let's hopw someone would buy and install a nice inside my room?

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