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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Scorching Weather

What a beautiful day today was. It was the last Sunday we'll be together laughing and crying until we all say bye bye to each other on Saturday. I am thinking about what I'll do this year is to pre-pack most things and its awesome. The schedule for today was kind of changed but later went back to the original. Our cohort had signed up for the Phillies vs. Miami baseball game but I decided that this game will not do it. Our alternative trip was to the mall. Sadly, it departed before our friends came back from church. We ended up going to the game in the suffocating weather.

I had planned on meeting Justeen and Chiamaka for breakfast but everyone slept in so we moved it back just a bit. Joanne and Elexis were off to church duty so we just relaxed and got brunch at the Commons at 11AM. The Commons had the worst food available on display this morning, I think. It was an unheated tortilla mixed with the fake Mexican sauces. I saw Justeen get that "blob" taco and shrugged. I think I'm better off with a toasted peanut butter sandwich. We met back together as a cohort at 12:30PM in my room since mines is closet to the Quad. At around 1PM, the Quad was crowded with people less enthusiastic about the game and more enthusiastic about the cool bus. Turns out we get the old hot yellow school buses. 
Empty seats throughout
When we got there, we were greeted with 95 degrees weather but there were some perks of going to a game sponsored by a bank. We got a free cup on the way in and it was great for getting free ice every so hour from the foodstand. The game itself wasn't appealing too much in the hot seat so I went downstairs to the food area. I met Wally, a American German descent, who comes to the Phillies game with her family on Sundays as an outing. It's amazing how she kept up with the tradition and now this is continued by her son's family. She told me during the World Series in which the Phillies won, there's no way you could get a seat anywhere and I nodded. I knew that whoever wins will get large support from the community but now they kind of suck and the audience has shrunk in size. They did, however, win this round against Miami! Congratulations! The game was a little bit over 3 and a half hours and we got back to our dorms at 5PM. We decided to get a Penn cup for Chiamaka because her Phillies cup disappeared on the way home. I came back into my dorm so sweaty I just had to jump into my showers and completely cleanse myself in order to not feel sticky. Sadly the sticky part came back so quickly as I went down to do my laundry right after. Ew. It has been wonderful being able to spend two Sundays in Philadelphia with my amazing cohort and I cannot wait to tackle on the last week of being at University of Pennsylvania!
Citizens Bank Park

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