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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Not like the Drama

Saturdays are usually the days where Summer Discovery takes all the students to places to have fun; this time we went to Jersey Shore. I know almost nothing about Jersey Shore except for the fact that the name is a title for a drama and it's a beach. I am not a fan of the beach nor the water and I wasn't very happy with the idea of coming here. 

Everyone in Summer Discovery had meet in the Quad with their RC at 9:30 AM so that they could go on the bus as a group. I had to buy breakfast from a food truck today because the dining commons was closed today. It took about an hour and a half to arrive at Ocean City and I slept for about half the trip. The beach at Ocean City reminded me of Santa Cruz Beach Board walk but smaller. There were a lot of shopping places but the amusement park was tiny. I hung out with Jun, Chiamaka, Elexis, and Justeen today and we went around the amusement park. We bought the tickets and split it evenly. Because we already knew what rides we wanted to go on, we finished riding the rides within less than an hour and a half. After finishing the rides, we walked around the beach and the boardwalk a bit more before heading back to the flash point where we would meet up with our RCs and then go back to the bus. 
Not much of a hot day
Waiting for Jun an

Almost there...
During the bus ride back, I talked to one of my floor mates, Divya, about how much I missed California and she agreed with me. I don't think either one of us is familiar enough with the environment of UPenn and Philadelphia to really make a solid judgement about the place and we just really miss home. For me, it is always nice to talk to someone who knows what I'm are talking about and it's not as suffocating. 

I was the first one to get back to the Quad so I sat and waited outside the Quad for the others. When the others came, we dropped our stuff at Jun's room and went out to get dinner. We ate at this restaurant called New Deck Tavern. I wasn't quite sure whether or not we were allowed to go in there since we were all underaged. The people there gave us seating and never asked for our age. I ordered a Shepard's Pie." The food was delicious but a little bit too greasy. After we were done eating dinner, we went back to the dorms and parted ways. 

Tomorrow will hopefully be another exciting day. It will be my first time going to a Philly's game so I'm curious to see what the team has to offer. 


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  2. Hey Joanne! The title of this blog post is so.... you HAHAH. 'Not Like the Drama', when I read that title, I was totally wondering what the heck happened that day that was 'Not Like the Drama'! Sadly, you were only referring to the Jersey Shore drama..
    Anyway, lovin your selfies soo much rn. LOL