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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Having Memorable Conversations

Today I woke up at my usual time, and as always, I try to sleep in for a few more minutes before I actually have to get up. I got ready for breakfast, and I walked with Audrey to go to the Dining Commons. I was actually supposed to meet up for breakfast with the rest of my cohort, but Joanne woke up late so I just went without them because I didn't want to be late to class. Anyways, ever since I've been talking to Audrey, I've been getting to learn more about her and her personality, and I actually enjoy learning interesting facts about others.

When we got to class, everyone was trying to cram in all of the information needed for a presentation. My group presented about Fahrenheit, the ride in Hershey Park. I think we did a fairly decent job, but I feel that we could've improved on it further. I understood what was happening within the ride, but I just couldn't express those into words. Now I see how difficult it actually is to teach people, because you would need a full understanding of everything. After the presentations were over,  Bill did a short lecture about the relationship between joules and calories, and the demonstration was actually pretty simple. He just took a thermometer and put it inside of a blender full of water, and as the blender went off, the heat of the water gradually increased at a steady rate.

After this, I went to the Houston Market to get lunch with Sema. Since I haven't been going over my $8 a day budget, I still have $33 to spend, and I'm making sure to spend it on the last day. When we finished lunch, we headed back to our classrooms, where we went straight into our interest groups. I honestly was not looking forward to this lab due to my frustration from yesterday, but the pace picked up a bit more today. Our detectors were actually working, and I was able to acquire data from it, which is a pretty satisfying feeling. To take the calculations, we just had to reset the counter and wait for five minutes and collect the data. We needed multiple trials, so it ended up just being us waiting around. This may seem boring, but it actually allowed us to be able to talk with the professor, as well as the lab assistants, Jim and James. I was able to hear so many interesting things about college life and such, and it was really fun being able to hear about their experiences. I may not be much of a talker, but I honestly love listening to people's experiences.

My group was finished with our data by around 4 PM, but we ended up staying until around 4:30 PM in the lab because our conversations were so intriguing. My friends were all still in class, so I ended up just staying in my room and watching a few episodes of a Korean drama. This was the first time in a while that I was actually able to stay in my room and just relax because most of the time, my friends usually invite me to do something. By around 7 PM, Charlotte knocked on my door and invited me to go to Open Mic Night. When we went, there was just a few people that were just sharing poetry and jokes, but it wasn't really my thing, so we left early. Since it was only around 8 PM, I suggested we go to Penn Park, and so we took a nice jog/stroll through the park. When it was around 8:50 PM, I had forgotten that there was an RC meeting today at 9 PM, so we basically ran from the park up to around the Houston Market. It wasn't until we were finally near the Quad that we realized that the meeting time had been moved to 10 PM.

Penn Park
I was already exhausted from running, so I just went into Jun's room because Elexis, Chiamaka, and Joanne were also there. I hadn't seen them in a while because breakfast is usually the only time that I am able to see them, which is sad. Anyways, I took a quick shower at around 9:45 PM, and I just went into the hallway for our RC meeting. It was pretty quick and simple, but since we were all sitting on the floor, we just stayed there and talked about what's happening in our classes and such. My floor mates and I get along pretty well with each other, and so we ended up just talking about the most random things for almost two hours, and I'm glad that I was able to bond with them some more before we all have to go our separate ways.

I wish time would go slower for each day, but it's doing the exact opposite. I'm really going to miss this program, as well as the people in it.

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