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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Happy Ending

I woke up at 7AM and stayed in bed to count the ceiling things before waking up at 7:30AM. The amazing people had questioned this statement but we quickly explained and air conditioning is the bomb. We were suppose to hear an alarm whose was notifying us of  the fire and fish dorm. I felt calm and entertaining how people can be so energetic for the Art Museum. The questions behind such theory of why some events are more popular than others this way. I got up and went to Elexis' room to brush my teeth because I realized that bothering her early in the morning makes both of us awake and attentive to start off our day. Luckily most of my floormates have not waken up yet because I believe there are a few classes that start at 9:30AM. I am jealous of them getting that extra sleep I've been yearning for ever since the day we checked in. 

We ate breakfast at the Commons and unexpectedly their breakfast options came out for the better. The pancakes today actually tasted like eggs and other naturals combined and not coming out like fake flour patties. Maybe I became immune to the extreme saltiness on the bacon or not, we're just drying it in California. Today also marked the day we go to the Theatre of the Oppressed. The first half of the classroom went on Monday and Tuesday so we switched places for today and tomorrow. This will be a prolong of two days to actively doing Social Justice and how its deeply connected to theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed. 

The morning session at the theatrical auditorium was way more constricted and confined into one room. There are chairs dispersed in a semi circle but we never end up using it. I am a little germaphobic so I hated sitting down on the floor because you really do not know what or who has been ratchet or anything! Many questions run through my bed when I'm absorbed by new things I''m not used to a lot today. We talked about silent hi fives and conversing your partner by looking straight at them. At first everyone was shy to look so directly but later on it became second nature because our professor, Lisa Jo, did an excellent job bonding us together as classmates. We went to the Houston Market for lunch and I enjoyed a good double protein salad. We gathered at 2PM again to do grouping and develop a series of images that depict the particular word you're described. For my group, we were Education so our images had all been broadcasted in many angles. We had a vision of a teacher having favorites, ignoring your opinions, etc. Overall, I enjoyed today's Theatre of the Oppressed but I still haven't found that bridge that connects Social Justice to TO.
Notes and Stickies
After class, our cohort met up with Mr. Hillyer to just update him about how we're doing in class and the upcoming events for next (last) week. We then decided to get dinner at the food court next to CVS Pharmacy. Their food options are limited and apparently you'll get yelled by their boss if you give out free water. Like WHAT? I have never heard of a place where they reject serving you water. I was surprised and taken aback when the worker said that. We just quickly ate our dinner and walked back to our dorms at around 8:10PM. Karaoke was something everyone wanted to do at night, so without hesitation we went to it hoping to get a good laugh. Turns out everyone didn't sign to their best when they're on stage but I did get a good laugh, mainly because of their main dancers. They are absolutely hilarious and nothing can be more unique than them. Tonight has been fun and I'm glad I decided to go check out Karaoke because it lightened up my day just enough for me to feel contented.
Karaoke Snapshot

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