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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Beach Day!

Today I woke up well rested at 9 a.m. the day seemed awesome with everyone outside on time waiting to leave. I knew it was going to be a great day. We all got on the bus and I sat next to Noah on our bus ride to the jersey shore. On our way there I caught up on work and we all watched Rocky. I looked out of my window for most of the time. I still wasn't used to the two lane freeways they have here in the east coast. But I had gotten used to all the green grass and trees. Especially on the long ride to the beach, it was a really beautiful road full of life. We made it to the jersey shore and it was really far from what I thought it would be like. The beach was really small and crowded. There was no space to play football but it was kinda nice.

We all walked to the flashpoint and then went on separate ways. Johnny, Premal, Noah, Nick, Petter, Stephen, and I along with some other friends started the day off with walking together along the boardwalk. It was very crowded and cloudy but we made the best of it. Once we got to the edge Johnny, Fred, Nick, and Premal stayed playing mini golf. I went on a quest to find clam chowder since I had been craving it for a long time. When I finally found it Prateek and I bought cham chowder. It tasted okay but it wasn't as good as the one from pier 39. We sat down to eat it and talked to our friends, Petter and Ben, and decided to go play football on the beach after we finished. We got a game of catch going on and it was really fun even though we were careful to not hit anyone.
Jersey Shore Boardwalk

After we got tired of playing catch we et on to the boardwalk to see what we could do to have fun. After searching or things to do we ended up on at a munificent place that seemed really cool and difficult with waterfalls every where. We all got in and we played for a long time. It was really fun. It was my second time playing minigold and I started with a hole in one when everyone else haD gotten it in in 2 or 3. We all had a really good time and I lost two golf balls from hitting them too hard. We went though really interesting holes and I used physics and geometry to make a really difficult shot half away through the course. I ended up in second place out of all my friends second to Ben who was very experienced and I took a bit of pride in that.
Mini Golf
Mini golf, Difficult Hole
Practically Impossible One Try Bonus Hole

We took a break and went to buy very overpriced ice cream. It was overpriced because it didn't taste very good and it closed almost 10$. We kept the fun going and stayed together. We ended up at an arcade where Ben and I had a fierce air hockey game where I won by two points. The game was extremely fun because the table was made of mental and it was extremely slick. It also made a really nice ringing sound every time it hit the side. We ended out time at the beach by playing an exciting game of football. It was a very close game touchdown after touchdown. With a few minutes before we all left we had the ball and we called an all for nothing score. If we scored we won, if we didn't they won. I had missed the fist pass but my QB told me he had faith in us so we kept going. The second pass was a down. I caught the third pass and accidentally ran out of bounce. The fourth and last pass was beautifully caught by my teammate for an awesome victory!
Bye Jersey Shore!

We then took the bus back to our dorm and when we got back we hung out and I ended up making new friends. I finally got to talk to Olek and met Nashae and Sierra they were really cool people. The night flew and I went to sleep early after calling my loved ones back home who I miss very much.

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