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Friday, July 17, 2015

A-bombs & Electricity

I woke up late today since we were supposed to be in our classroom at 8:30 a.m. I took a shower and got to class at 8:35 a.m. Today we had breakfast with the bomb and it was amazing! Bill paid for our breakfast our of his own pockets and it was very nice of him he is awesome! We all ate in class as Mary started on her lecture about radioactivity and the different radio active particles and energy atoms give off. She transitioned into nuclear power and how it's cleaner and Much safer than using fussil fuels as an energy source. She then went into atom bombs and gave us a quick explanation on how they each detonate. We learned that uranium 135 bombs are very easy to detonate and simple to make. She finally taught us about the history of the bombs and politely avoided the controversial topic of "was what we did to Japan justified?"
Bill Setting Up

After Mary's lesson bill gave us a lecture. He followed Mary and went into more in depth with A-bombs and how they were detonated. Plutonium bombs are very difficult to set off and significantly more "powerful" than uranium bombs. He thentouched on the topic Mary politely avoided. He started off by telling us about his personal experience and how he had a father that was in the military during the war. He told us that he was against the war and that he would protest it. His dad would just tell him he knew nothing about the war. When he father died about 6 years ago he found out that he was in the field and he never spoke a word about what happened in the war. He then told us about important scientist who had helped with horrible things that ended up affecting us all today. To the topic ahead he stated that it didn't matter if we decided to not discover and do research on whatever we go into, that other people would and they would be a step ahead of us and that could potentially be dangerous and bad. It was a very delicate subject and bill had a great way to teach it.
Generating Electricity With Changin Magnetic Fields

We then took a break and when we fake back we learned how to use our equipment for tomorrow. It was awesome since I got to work with my friends in a group we ran around a lot. We got a lot of data and figured out how to use the accelerometers from the lab. We then came back to a lecture on the hugs particles and the Large Hebron collider(LHC) by Eliot Lipeles. It was a very interesting lecture and we learned how the LHC speeds up the particles inside of it and how the images are made. The interesting thing I found out about the Higgs particles is that they can cheat physics. The camera for the actual explosion was made out of a thousands of sensor. It was a fun lecture. We were dismissed and we all went to lunch. It was nice and felt short.
Constant Change = AC Current

When we came back we talked about what we would be doing for most of bext week. I picked radio telescopes because they seem amazing and I really want to leans how to build one. We will be constructing a household radio satellite and observe the sky during the day. I also picked this because I love networks. I think that learning this would affect my future and I would use the knowledge and skills I learn in the future. Bill then took it home with a very interesting lecture on electro magnetism. He taught us how to produce electricity by using electro magnetic fields. I thought it was all very interesting because I love that field of science. We then learned how to make transformers. We use this technology to wirelessly charge our phones at Starbucks. We went upstairs to take measurements on this and understand it better.

I ended my day with a relaxing but intense rock climbing session with Perry. After that I noticed I didn't make it to the duck Tour since the times changed. So I went downstairs to swim for an hour and then went to play trivia. The room was packed and our team won! It was Perry, Johnny, Premal, Noah, and I that tasted victory after going into a trivia off since we had originally tied for first place. We won water bottles and then I went with them to was to buy dinner. Before going to bed I went to jam with my friends outside out dorm. It was an awesome Thursday!

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