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Friday, July 17, 2015

I meet the K.O.P

Today,  I had the chance to go to the mall with everyone. The mall was in King of Prussia, which was a 40 minute drive away from our campus. But, I heard it was better than the drive for laser tag and I also felt like it was worth the drive. I sat next to Joanne on the ride to the mall. I wasn't exactly up for conversation seeing how I was tired from the  night before. I ended up taking a quick nap, which was short lived due to the constant screaming and shrieking of the girls behind me. The road on the freeway wasn't very consistent in texture so in some places the ride was smooth while in others it was bumpy.

When we got to the mall were we all given our guidelines to follow. They were the basic instructions,  don't shop lift, don't exit the mall to cross the street to best buy, and we will meet right here at 3:45 p.m. Meet time gave us exactly 3:00 hours to shop which was a reasonable amount of time.

 The first place Jun,Joanne,Justeen,Chiamaka, and I went to was J. C. Pennies. The reason we went there first was because it just so happened to be right where the buses dropped us off. My main reason for going to the mall was to find flip flops and shorts that had length. I desperately needed to buy some because the 2 pairs I bought completely broke.  So, I was on a mission.

We did a bit of browsing before Justeen or Joanne found the flip flop section. I was so excited which is weird, but I needed flip flops. When I got to the flip flop section I just stood there in awe of how much I missed flip flops for the day I went without them. And then, Joanne told me the price. It was only $3.48 because they were having a sale and everything was on clearance. You can imagine how happy I was to find flip flops that were cute on sale!!

I purchased one pair and then went and started looking at the jeans. But, at the moment I wasn't in a try on kind of mood so,we left. We went to a variety of stores, all of which I found no interest in anything they were selling. We walked around for a little while and then we made our way back to the drop off zone.

The bus ride back felt a lot shorter than the ride there. I was really tired at that point so I was unimaginably happy to be going back to the quad. At the end of the day I had a great amount of fun with everybody.

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