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Monday, July 13, 2015

Still Confused

I was devastated to try new restaurants around our neighborhood tonight after yesterday's horrible service attitude. Our cohort (minus Rudy and Chiamaka) decided to buy some delicious hoagie sandwiches at Wawas for a far less expensive price than of the sketchy Chinese restaurant. This dinner experience has ought to be better for the next couple of days or else we'll all be disappointed with the limited dinner options.

Today officially marks the second week of school, which also means that we have completed a third of our journey in the East. I was ready to start my class with a bang. Because Professor Lamas has sent our Monday schedule yesterday night, I already planned out which session I wanted to attend during the morning and the afternoon. When I arrived to class at 8:50AM, most of my classmates were already there for Qi Gong so I quickly snatched a shady spot for the morning exercise. If you get sun shining directly at you for a whole thirty minutes, you'll understand how much I'll want a shady spot underneath the amazing tree. Joanne and I both picked Radicalizing Digital Expression & Online Sharing for Social Justice monitored by one of the teaching fellows, Seth Schimmel. We were all very excited to see how, once again, the things we touch most frequently is connected to social inequality and injustice. We viewed various websites and ads to confront our questions and along the way I had a few questions in mind. Why is it that the biggest companies are the ones advertising hidden controversial topics? Do their stocks go up drastically if they do so? Is there a difference between marketing and advertising? If so, what's the similarities or differences?

We ended our lunch at 2PM and we started off the afternoon discussions. It is then talking about the different types of people who exercise certain rights that others will not. The contrast between races and how most people in the same neighborhoods will not do are done in many large neighborhoods. Our guess speaker, Xeno talked about Transgender and Races Equality. There are people who think of them as less than human or dehumanize their existence on Earth. It was such an informative session about Trans in general. Class a little bit early today so we decided to walk around stores near us and see if anythings good. Overall, we bought some decent clothes and shoes, all for a decent amount. Our trip is then followed by our trip to Wawa's and munching on the good sandwiches before heading back to our respective dorms and shower. Tomorrow seems like an insightful day and I hope for it to be so.
Still encounters weird things on other halls... What is up?

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