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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nick is The Man!

Today was laundry day. I texted my friends to ask about what time the were doing laundry and I was late. After I had taken a shower I went down to the laundry room and did work because the wait for the washing machines are always  long. I came back to watch cartoons with Gervon for 15 minutes and then I graded back to get my laundry. On my way back I saw my friend Sierra and talked with her for a bit before going back to drying my clothes.
A Lot Goes On At the Entrance

Before I left she asked me if I was going to breakfast I was really hungry so I told her I could go for breakfast. I went to put my clothes in the dryer and I forgot my keys on top of the washer. I didn’t realize I had forgotten my keys till I was looking for my wallet. I ran back to the laundry room and looked for them everywhere until I finally remembered to look on top of the washer where it had been the whole time. It reminded me to be more careful and aware of where I place my things. We went exploring but quickly realized it was impossible because it was a really hot day today. We hurried to Mad 4 Mex but ended up at Dog CafĂ© since the first was closed. It was a good place to eat and the food was good. I hurried back to organize my clothes because it was about to be time for us to leave to the baseball game.
Beautiful Burning Hot Day

Almost everyone in my RC came, even Gervon. It was my first MLB game and it was fantastic. I sat next to Nick and we had the best time. Sometimes I didn’t even notice the baseball game was still going because I would get lost in conversations with my friends. I also got to reunite with my RC group who I was an outcast of since I barely had kicked it with them. After continuously talking to them they finally welcomed me back in. Around the last part of the game I got an alarming call from my beloved who almost gave me a heart attack. She was crying on the phone and I couldn’t make out a word she was saying but I heard her say Mom. I got really scared because I thought something might have happened to her mom. I talked to her till she came down and then went back to watching the game with Nick, Premal and Johnny. The game flew by and we were back on the bus back to the dorms. I got back and went to the book store with my cohort because they asked me to join them in a very persuasive way.
Nick, Premal, Johnny and I

We hung out for a while and they went shopping. I got a call from Fred because my RC was on their way to eat dinner. I joined them on their way to the 1920’s. We had a good dinner with me being the last one done. Nick asked me about my blog and it made me feel good because it showed he cares. We all hung out for the rest of the night after Premal, Johnny, Zach and I finished our lab report on exponential decay. It was a very chill night and relaxing I even got to go to bed early, 12:30 a.m.
RC + Claire!

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