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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Picnic in the Summertime

Today was one of the most relaxing days so far this week. The extra four hours of sleep made me feel completely rested and recharged. Jun, Justeen, and I headed down to the bookstore cafe for some brunch. We talked about nothing in particular and did a little bit of shopping. After brunch, we got ready to head to the mall. I don't really have access to malls as big as the KOP mall in the Bay Area, so I was very excited to shop at this mall. I had a list for what I wanted to buy so I wouldn't spend my money on things that I didn't need.

My cohort and I stayed together in the mall for the most part but got separated while in H&M. I fell in love instantly with H&M because of the affordable prices and really cute clothes. I had been saving my stipend money up until this point so I didn't really feel guilty about spending it in the store. I also visited other stores such as Hot Topic and Forever XXI.

Being in the Social Justice class has taught me to analyze everything around me and I was able to spot the different marketing techniques used in the stores to get you to buy more. For example, the tops were placed on the top floor while the pants were on the lower level; this forces the costumer to go out of their way to buy a complete outfit, and increases their chance of purchasing something else while on their way to buy the pants.

I also walked by dozens of ads in the 3 hours we were there. Some were more upsetting than others. I still will never understand why Aeropostle or American Eagle has to oversexualize the female body in order to sell something as basic as a pair of socks. I suppose that's just the world we live in and there's really nothing I can do overnight to clean up the advertising industry.

writers see the world differently
After the mall trip, my roommate and I hung out in our dorm and talked for a bit. I found out that we both write. We both like to write about our day and she draws timelines while I write a lot of poetry in my journal. We fan-girled a bit over moleskin journals, I spoke a little bit about how I would love to own a nice non-ruled moleskin journal. After our little journal session, we headed out to the quad to meet our RC group for a picnic.

our walk to the grocery store
We first walked over to the local grocery store to pick out some food then walked over to Penn park to enjoy our food. We sat in a circle in the grass despite the bugs and engaged in silly conversation. I learned that Vivian and Divya don't really like their Bio-Med class because it's boring meanwhile Jessie totally loves her physics class and she enjoys representing the small population of girls in the class. After our picnic, Jessie, Sara, Vivian, and I all headed down to the main office and signed up to get cheese steaks tomorrow. I'm excited to get to know them a bit more over some good food.
cutest RC group ever

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