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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Weird Animals and Physics

Today I woke up really tired although I slept relatively early the night before. I talked to my room mate and went to eat breakfast with my cohort then to class at the usual time. In today's class we learned how to use a oscilloscope to measure the speed of sound and the speed of electricity through a wire. We also got to work together with our new group. My new group was really dysfunctional and so I took up the role of collecting the data and keeping us all on track. It was very interesting to work with my new group because it felt very unusual since my last group was very functional and was always on task. Nun the less it was fun working with my new group.
Oscilloscope Displayed Graphs

Today we had one staff lecture from Professor Alice. She studies Physics of deep sea animals and other incredible creatures that we know little to nothing about. She does research on the field and is one of the pioneers studying deep sea animals and their physics. It was a very interesting lecture and she told us about how knowing physics in the environment the creatures she works with is just as important to understanding them as knowing their biology. She also gave us a great lecture on how clams are able to have a larger concentration of algae by distributing light by using Photophores. Then we were dismissed to lunch and I just had a slice of pizza since I ate plenty of breakfast.

When we came back we learned about how a resistor will not let current flow until it reached a certain voltage. The resistors were LED lights and we also measured the wavelength of the light each resistor gave off. We found out that the higher the voltage the longer the wave length. We ended on time and managed to finish it all. After class I went to the gym with my friends and we lifted weights. Then I went to the 1020's to eat dinner. I hung out with friends till late night playing pool and watching Netflix. My friend Nick kept us entertained with his hysterical jokes.
Will Having  a Conversation on Clams

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