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Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Day of Serious Walking

Walking is a lovable sport that has been with the human race for far more than we have imagined, as said by our Columbia tour guide. It is such a popular sport that everyone on planet Earth performs it on a regular basis. Today we exercised this form of sport in such a way that my dedication has shown through my growing callus on my left foot. Both of my feet are sore from today's intense walking but it was a worthwhile sightseeing trip in New York City.
Enthusiasm on the rise!
I had a little over four hours of sleep last night. I was energized for the first hour of waking up and went to Elexis room to walk over to The Nook together. We met with Mr. Hillyer inside the Nook already filling out paperwork and Elexis and I were the first to arrive! Second came Joanne and followed by Justeen. While filling out the paperwork, we waited for others to come so we can start this amazing day. Everyone gathered at around 7:20AM and we sprinted towards Sheraton to catch two taxis to take us straight to 30th Street Station. The ride took no longer than 10 minutes and we hurriedly rush to buy Septa tickets. Apparently the Amtrak is faster to reach our destination but is way more expensive in comparison to Septa so we decided to transfer at Trenton to save some bucks. Our ride to Trenton took 25 minutes and we had a 15 minute break so we quickly fueled up on McDonald's, which was the only "fast-food". To be honest, they weren't efficient enough to be called fast. It literally took the worker 2 minutes to pour hot water in a cup. This made us all frustrated and anxious. Luckily we got our breakfast and catched our train on time. This train ride took us one and a half hours so that was enough time to eat and take a nap before heading to Columbia. The tour centered around an Engineer's perspective of Columbia (which is great because that's what I want to pursue as of right now) and how Columbia's core curriculum is required and advantageous to every Columbian's education and is unique to all other schools. I really liked that idea because that makes you explore all the different majors and minors offered at the school for students to take a class on it or two. I always believed in learning a little more of everything while in college because that's when you'll see what you truly want to pursue. I'd like to thank our tour guide to give these points for us to analyze before  I love the campus vibe in general and this is kind of environment I want to have my four-year education in.
Exquisite statue posing
We headed to grab some gigantic pizza to fill our tummies before heading out to walk the Brooklyn bridge; we need that energy refuel. The Haiwaiian pizza wast in fleek and the other situations.
They have been most giving of toppings. It was amazing when we called when we walked after and started enjoying the other places in town. We walked from one side of the Brooklyn bridge to the other side. We could see many historical landmarks and buildings from a side view. We continued our ride from the bridge to Times Square but on the way there, we spotted Tracy Morgan! He was like in a rush but we managed to get a picture of himself and his nice car. 
Tracy Morgan!
New York City
We got to Times Square a little bit after 4:30PM and we started walking at an increasing speed, passing by a lot of buildings. We did not have time for shopping and walking so our whole trip was fast paced walking and slight running. Nevertheless I still love the NYC vibe and I view Columbia as a top school of choice for college.
Love the messages broadcasted @ NYC

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