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Friday, July 17, 2015

Electromagnetic Fields and Current

I have gotten used to waking up at 7:45 a.m. to take a shower and leaving to eat breakfast and walking straight to class. I walked with Johnny, Premal, and Perry to class we had a very short walk since Perry was cracking jokes the whole time. Today's first lesson by Craig aka "C-Money" as my peers call him, was on general relativity. It was a very long lecture that brought us from the definition of pie to non-euclidean geometry and to tie it all to the general relativity Therum. It was very interesting because they demonstrated it with the ball on the stretchy cloth. Then we had a staff lecture on dark matter and dark energy. He had a very interesting lecture because he used calculus to explain why we know that dark energy exists. It was very cool and interesting. I think the most important thing I learned was that that field of physics isn't really for me since I didn't feel a passion for it.
Our Equipment for the Day

We were dismissed for lunch and I had a great meal with my friends. We also took a bit of time to calculate how much money we would have left for the 6 remaining meals we would eat at the Huston Market. We walked back early and finished a pint of ice cream I bought it was too much for me alone so me and perry shared it. We then had the es siesta time choosing our lab groups for the next two days. It was easy because Johnny, Premal, Perry, Zach and I always hang out and therefore we chose each other instantly.
Running Tests

We were given a demonstration on how to use our lab equipment by Bill and then headed off to do our lab on electromagnetic fields and current. We found out in our lab results that the size of the electromagnetic field of an object is influenced by current and not so much by voltage. My group was one of the last ones done but we got the lowest percentage error. It was an awesome lab!
Visual Electromagnetic Field

After we finished at the lab I went to the gym with Perry and we went rock climbing it was really fun. I climbed to the top three times before I got too sore. After the rock climbing was over my forearms felt really weak. I ended my day with a game of pool with my awesome dorm mates. We also watched thirty minutes of Netflix before we all went to bed.
Everyday Path Back From Class

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