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Friday, July 24, 2015

Land & Sea

This morning class began with an interesting start unlike any other day. Professor Lamas gave us a choice between Palestine and Israel presentation or an open mic. Open mic meaning anyone could discuss any topic they felt was necessary in social justice. I'm not one for open mic, so I decided to go to the Palestine and Israel presentation. I chose this because I have never actually heard or been taught anything about the conflict between the two. So, I felt that this was a legitimate opportunity to learn something. This session was taught by two of my fellow students which was totally unexpected. One of the students was named Eman and the other was Sarah. Both of which were Palestinian, so they had strong knowledge of Palestine's and Israel's conflict. They did a power point presentation depicting the struggle of Palestinians in a dominantly Jewish country.

I thought the presentation was an eye opener because it presented evidence of the Palestinian I knew today was going to be an interesting day because we had a chance to have another "student ran" session or a professorial session about anything we wanted to talk about. Like yesterday, I chose the student ran session expecting the same intensity as yesterday. That just so happened to not be the case. I sat in on it for a couple of minutes before I actually decided to go upstairs to the other one.

When I went upstairs I was surprised to find everyone sitting in a closely connected circle with the guest speaker in the middle. I took a seat as close as I could get it which wasn't very close due to the fact that came in nearly at the very end of the session. I sat down for about 10 minutes and then Professor Lamas said it was time for a break. After, the break we all entered back into class and he told us the day was over. It was around 3:30 which was surprising and really cool.

At that point it was only Chiamaka and I which was cool but usually all of us except Rudy and Justeen hang out after class. So, Chiamaka and I decided to go to the store. While we were on our way she got a text from Jun and Joanne asking if we wanted to meet at Loft to go shopping. We agreed that we all meet there once they finished class. We ended up waiting for about 30 to 45 minutes for them. And then warrived, werrived we figured out that nobody actually wanted to shop. Then, we left and headed over to the 1920's dining commons to get some food.

After, that we went back to the quad because we weren't exactly sure what time the Duck Tour started. So, we figured its better to be nice and early than to be nice and late. When we came to the quad we only had about 5 minutes to go to our dorms and put things dowtheyefore the actually began the walk to the tour. When we started we had to walk a few blocks before we arranved at a awkward looking truck/ duck. This was the amazing beginning of an amazing tour.

We began the tour off with a series of funny duck related puns delivered by Mama Duck.  We traveled around many wonderful sites of Philly. All of which I enjoyed greatly but my favorite part was when the "duck" went from the land to the Delaware river. When it hihit, then was really expecting to get hit with the water because I was basically sitting in the window seat. I had so much fun on the tour in the end.
Mama Duck quacking up at her own joke.

From right to left : Joanne,Chiamaka, and Jun.

Once, the tour ended, we headed back to the quad. I really would have loved to do the tour multiple times.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is going to Philadelphia who wants to see the sites.
The Duck!!!

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  1. What a shame we have no photos of the Duck Tour. You know how much we love pretty pictures.