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Saturday, July 25, 2015

White Supremacy and the Y.U.C

Today, class started at 9:00 AM as usual, which was sort of unique. It was unique because the class has been starting at 10:00 AM for these past couple of days. When I started the class I had no idea of what to expect.

The morning lecture had two-parts, the first part was given by Cassidy. Her lecture was on how whites reap the benefits of white supremacy. I didn't exactly gain a direct understanding of what she was saying because she didn't go "deep" enough. It was a good lecture but I wish it would have had more to it.

When Cassidy finished her lecture, Professor Montiero began his. His lecture was about an essay he did about an amazing essayist. I didn't exactly understand the point he was trying to make but I did ask questions and tried to gain an understanding. I just comprehending the lecture, for some reason.

It was a really great lecture,  although I didn't quite comprehend his main point and or argument.  After, he was finished it was lunch. For lunch we went to the Houston Market like usual. It was really good and lunch seemed to go by fast. We then headed back to class, which was apparently going to be a field trip.

Once, we got to McNeil I saw the entire standing, talking, and waiting. I then, heard Dato my teaching fellow call for everyone in his group to come and get a token.  We walked over to the subway waited about 10 minutes and then caught the train.

When we got off I remembered the place, because it was the same area in which we did our graffiti tour last time. We were greeted by 10 youth who are apart of the Y.U.C. Y.U.C is and acronym for Youth United Change, this group of teens are powerful activists in their community. While we were with the group we did a chant, a "march", and played a couple of games. But, the most important thing we did I think was the tour to their school.  They told us many of the issues they had at their schools. Many were similar to mine which is not good at all but I understood what they were saying.

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