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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Incorporated Racism

Our class had a large amount of liberty today, Professor Lamas gave us the opportunity to choose what type of lecture session we would attend. We only had two options for our morning lecture; thinking positively about capitalism or dismantling racism and cultivating intercultural understanding. I chose to attend the one about racism solely because I've heard Professor Lamas,  Professor Michael Nairn, Katrina Moore, and Tony Monterro speak on both capitalism and racism so I felt it was time to hear someone else speak about one of the two.

Our speakers' name was Ms.Shani Byard she teaches a multitude of classes at the University of California Los Angeles. She began the class by have us moved the desk out of the center of the classroom and place them in the outer edges of the room.When the task was completed she had us get into a circle, say our name, race or ethnicity. and the name of a deceased family member or activist who influenced us, followed by the saying of Ashay from the group. The phrase or word Ashay is a traditional African way of saying "I accept or I agree" typically used in the honoring of African warriors.

She then allowed us to take the desk and place them back into their correct places. We then sat down and she began to tell us a little about her background in the Hip-Hop music industry. She was always a more behind the scenes kind of person. After, she told us a little about herself, she played a video.  The video she played was " Only" by Nicki Minaj. After, she played the video we began to analyze it for the underlying stereotypes within it. She broke the class room into sections, each with a specific job to do.  My group's job was to count the number of curse words used in the song. I counted a total of 46 curse words throughout the entirety of the song. But, what I realized is that I've gotten so accustomed to cursing until it was almost really hard to pay close attention to those particular words. In the end, if that I learned that everything is tied together or conneted somehow.

I greatly appreciated today's class and truly appreciated and enjoyed Ms.  Shani Byard.

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