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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bullying is a Serious Threat to Justice For All

Today I woke up at 9AM and started getting into in the morning stance of running correctly and sport actually because of the clothes shes wearing. The architecture she's wearing is prominent so you can say it was for feels for female butts not really good for other buses. There are puddles near dorm rooms as they fill up because there are nobody that is controlling how it might look to others. Today marks the last Monday I'll be in Philadelphia so I'm excited and amused to enjoy my last few days here.

I woke up at 8AM, an hour earlier than what I thought. School started at 10AM today, also, so waking up at 9AM was totally normal. But I guess I didn't need sleep as much as I thought I would be. The Commons had little to no fellows there when we went at 9:30AM. I guess that's when everybody leaves and started their day already. When I finished breakfast, I walked to McNeil and got a good seat in class for our lecture in the morning about problems in society and the regime of empires across countries by Dr. Cassidy Regan. She is a Penn graduate and did a lot of activist works and recently came back and decided to share with us a little bit about more she does and who can and should be doing these works. 

Empire within the world is very much alive, today. The patriarchal societies that are deeply engraved in many "major" cultures  are not open for re-exploration. We are going inside and finding out more answers and questions as we converse with one another about this topic. What is empire and how is our family system a type of empire? I enjoyed listening to the many problems mentioned during the morning session today. 

For the afternoon session, I picked going to Chinatown to talk about recent bullying on Asian students in South Philadelphia High School. Back in 2008, the immigrants were telling Asian Americans United that they were constantly getting physically and mentally bullied everyday because they were Asian and because they were immigrants. I was enraged at myself for not even knowing anything about this since it became a schoolwide bullying mob in 2009. Many students were hurt from the minute school started and the pain just accumulated. They did not want to go back to school because it was such a dangerous and unsafe environment that has been given them. The school district has apologized for their wrongdoings of trying to scapegoating this accident and kept it in the down low. It's really disgusting how in the 21st century, one may say that many things have changed for the better, but MANY other things have stayed the same for the worse. We need to actively promote gender, race, and class equality. The equations currently at hand is off balance and we need a way for more people to learn about intersectionality; let everyone be educated of these important topics of understanding other's cultures and beliefs. 

Following the end of our class, we hurriedly went to the Hall of Flags for the admissions presentation by Eric Furda. His way of explaining why you should apply to UPenn is very unique. He explained it in a way a parent would convince you.

I got back to my dorm around 11PM and started doing my blog before dozing off and having for my RC to wake me up so I could take a quick shower. Tomorrow would be an  inspirational day so I must get some sleep now. Until then!

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