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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Art of Body Language

My day was a lot better today, than it was yesterday. My spirits were higher and my energy level was working it's way up. I skipped breakfast today because I thought that some extra sleep would do me some good, and I was right. However, I didn't really sleep, I got up around the same time as usual and just read. I guess that the happy feeling I get after waking up for a nice nap is the same feeling I get after reading a really nice book. 

In class, we finished up our theater of the oppressed workshop. I think that if I were to take one thing away from this workshop, it would be that I have learned to express myself with my body. We spent a lot of time sculpting ourselves to be images of a distant memory, be it good or bad. We also had to view other people's images and add on to it. The most confusing game we ever played was when we had to chose a certain conflict and we pretended to confront the other party involved in the conflict using another student. It was sort of awkward projecting anger and frustration onto another student that I've only known for over a week now.

After lunch, we rehearsed our scenes that we started yesterday and added more to it. My group's story involved a racist teacher and students that were hesitant to stand up to him. After performing the piece, audience members had the opportunity to stop our scene midway and change/alter it anyway they liked. It was really neat to see how different people took the story and how they interpreted it. After everyone performed their scenes, we sat together in a circle and reflected on how we've grown as people during the past two days. At first, the class was a bit off putting to me because I'm not good at sharing and expressing myself to people that I barely know, but once I put that aside, it was easier to be me.  

After class, Jun, Justeen, Joanne, Elexis, and I headed out to the gym for a rigorous work out. I spent most of my time on the elliptical and on the stationary bike. My legs felt like jello after the two hours, but I felt so relieved of some of my stress. We had a late dinner at Cosi, and caught up with what was going on. Justeen is really liking her Physics class and is excited to be paired up with girls for the first time. Jun and Joanne really liked the field trip that they went on today, they got to see a lot of textile art that seemed really cool.

I'm excited for tomorrow because I really want to go to the Art Museum and hopefully I'll make it on the bus. There's so many activities to look forward to this week and next week. We have a little bit over a week left on this camp and there are still some things on my bucket list that I haven't completed. I'm determined to leave Penn with no regrets. 

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