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Friday, July 17, 2015

Scientific Discoveries in Hershey Park

Today was a big day for me. Since I was going to Hershey Park today, I made sure to wake up earlier than usual. Even though I was exhausted from the night before, I was sure that I was going to be wide awake later in the day. I was already up at 7:15 AM, and I just got ready and grabbed my things. Since the bus leaves at 8 AM, I didn't really have time to get breakfast, so I just ate a granola bar.

On the way to Hershey Park
Sitting in the bus
Everyone was waiting outside of the Quad, and I was surprised at how nice our bus was. Instead of going on those regular yellow school buses that I'm used to, we went in a bus that had air-conditioning, as well as foot rests and a reclining seat. We all boarded the bus and left at around 8:10 AM. I didn't really feel like sleeping because I was too excited, so I ended up staying awake for the entire 2 hour trip.

When we got to Hershey, Pennsylvania, I was expecting to see a more urban area, but it was actually just all farm land and ranches. I actually like this type of environment because everything's not as fast paced as the big cities. Anyways, we arrived at Hershey Park at around 10:20 AM, and I was ready to go! Since I didn't go last Saturday, I feel like I was the only one that was extremely excited in the bus, but that's okay. After we got off, Mary gave us some tickets, and we all walked to the meeting place. My group grabbed the tools that we needed, and we were off to exploring!

For our first order of business, my group and I went to Fahrenheit, an extremely fast roller coaster that had a 97 degree drop so that we could record the accelerations and velocity of the ride. We had Leesa wear the vest with the accelerometer in it, and as a back up, Allison and I downloaded an accelerometer app, and we both put our phones inside of a fanny pack. Unfortunately, the workers did not let us bring the vest on board, but somehow, Allison managed to sneak the bag on board, so we were able to record at least some data. We knew that we needed to be more accurate, so we went in line again, and we put the accelerometer inside the bag. I don't know how she did it, but Allison got the bag on board again, and we finally collected some nice data.
From the left: Allison, Leesa, and Sema 

Lunch time!
When we finished eating, we walked around some more and we also took videos of Fahrenheit so that we would have something to show for our presentation. Leesa and Allison were definitely ready to go ride roller coasters again, but Sema and I were definitely not. We had just eaten lunch, so I was extremely full. I don't know how they were able to do it, but I did not want to risk getting sick, so Sema and I just waited on the sidelines.

At this time it was around 2 PM, and the food I had eaten had finally settled a little bit, so I ended up riding more roller coasters. We walked to Sky Rush, but Sema was still feeling a little bit sick, so she also sat this one out. The line for this ride was actually pretty short, so we finished at around 2:30 PM. Since we still had an hour, we decided to go on the Great Bear. We were, however, cutting it kind of close because the line was longer than we had expected, but we still managed to get back to the meeting place by 3:30 PM.

Storm Runner
We went on the bus again, but I wish we had more time in the park. I really wanted to go to chocolate world because chocolate is definitely my weakness, but it's okay. On the bus ride home, I could see why we left so early. It basically took us three hours just to get back because we were driving through rush hour traffic. I'm just glad I was asleep for most of it, so the three hours didn't feel so long. It was actually really quiet inside of the bus because everyone was just so exhausted, so it was pretty easy to sleep.

We made it back at 6:30 PM, so I quickly went to my room to unpack everything I brought and just grab my purse. Since today's a Friday, Summer Discovery offered us movie tickets again, so Jun, Joanne, Chiamaka, Elexis, and I took advantage of this and went to watch a movie. It was actually pretty long, and it didn't end until around 10 PM, so we decided to just head back to the Quad right away.

After a busy day, I was glad to finally be able to take a shower and just lay in my bed. I had so much fun riding all of the roller coasters and hanging out with my friends, but I sort of felt out of it today. I just felt like I didn't belong with any of my groups of friends, but maybe it was just today. Hopefully, I won't feel so out of it tomorrow when I go to the Jersey Shore.

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