Monday, April 6, 2015

It Really is Happening!

What a glorious day
This morning I woke up without realizing how important today was going to be. This morning I woke up around 8:00 AM, I thought I woke up very early so I didn't get up right away. I was careless and let myself fall asleep again, Luckily I always set up two alarms when I know I have to wake up early for something important. Sure enough my second alarm rang at 8:30 AM. I took a look at the time and jumped out of bed and into the shower to get ready for today's important event, Learning how to write a blog properly for the Ivy League Connection (ILC). Once I got ready I hurried to wake up my mother and ask her for a ride, she woke up and got ready herself. meanwhile I took advantage of this and ate a little bit of breakfast. Once she was ready to go I grabbed my book, The Dialogues of Plato,  and the documents I needed and went to the car. On my way to the library where we would meet I started thinking about what I was doing and how important this program really is to me.

Don makes all things possible
Before this time I didn't realize just how amazing the ILC really is and I still didn't understand how much of a benefit attending Penn University for a summer program really is. I though about the experience of attending Penn and about how I would get the opportunity to meet a wide variety of students that have a similar mindset to me and about all the  connections I would make during my time at Penn. Connections that will maybe last me a lifetime, experiences that will change my life for the better, and people that will open up my perspective on the world. I got to the library about 35 minutes early. Upon arrival there were people already outside the library. I read some of the book I brought and waited outside the library because it was closed. Don got here fifteen minutes early. Once we got in the library we got right to work and we learned a lot from what Don was saying. He gave us the information we needed and warned us of negative things that could happen and of mistakes students had made before us. He followed this up with example of blogs written by students before us, great blogs and blogs that needed a lot of improvements. Then we got to work ourselves, we made a practice blog and worked on it step by step. We first began with the formatting, the content could be whatever we desired it to be. Secondly we learned about pictures, and how to take them and edit them to make it better. Thirdly we went out and took pictures and had some fun and relaxed. Finally we learned how to go from saving them into our computers to uploading them to our blogs properly.

It was not until the end of the day that I realized how amazing today really was. I had gone through some amazing training with Don and my peers and was a step closer to attending Penn University. Not until after it had all happened did I Appreciate all the progress we had made and how far I've gotten. This is a dream come true to be able to spend a summer doing physics and experiments. A dream of a younger me who dreamed dreams that seemed impossible. The more I think about it the more surreal it seems. This opportunity given to me is a once in a lifetime experience that will benefit me greatly and will make me a better me. I am truly blessed to be able to be here and make it this far. It Really is happening! A childhood dream coming true.