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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Astronomy 101

Today was a great day, I had breakfast and made it to class on time. We had a quick lecture from Greg on how we discovered that objects have positive or negative charge or are neutral. We then dove into an awesome lecture on the birth of the universe! It was taught by a professor and the talk was great. We went from the Big Bang theory and then we were brought back into optics and how we can prove that the Big Bang did happen by mapping radio waves. We also went into possible variables that could ruin the little evidence we have because the radio wave from the Big Bang can also be emitted by other sources. Then we were fascinated by the mew antennae that were in progress and hopefully will be made that will give us a far more detailed picture of our universe and will pick up the light spectrum given off by helium, which is what most of our known universe is made of. The talk was facinating and I want to sign up for the class! Astronomy Rocks!!!
physics behind
Charge Field

We then were dismissed to lunchtime and I made new friends at the Huston market. It was nice and I was even more to come back to class and know that we would have an awesome lab on electricity! I want to persue a career in electrical engineering so this was something I spent a lot of time on and the lab flew by since I had fun the whole time and I was reminded that if you know everything is right and it still doesn't work, something could be broken. I then went swimming and had a great time I barely made it to diner on time. I went to get Ben and Jerry's with friends for deser and headed back to the gym.
The Universe, Matter
Visible Universe VS Radio Wave (100 MHz - 200 MHz)  Image

Rock Climbing!
I sadly made it back too late and couldn't join my cohort on rock climbing but it was awesome to see them conquer the top and cheer them on! I ended my night with bonding time with my dorm-mates they are awesome people and we got to watch Netflix since the pool table room was being used to play trivia and there was a huge thunder storm. The thunder really shook up the place and it was awesome because it passed by fast and the temperature didn't change. I had a great time finishing my night with a phone call to my loved ones. 

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