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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Empire, Chinatown, Ballet and Movie Night

This morning we had a guest speaker present a lecture and or workshop. Our speakers name was Cassidy, her direct focus was on the concept of empire. She was a very great speaker but I found it challenging to grasp the concept(s) she was trying to convey. For instance, she had us write the names of revolutionists and place it on a paper that stated the area or region of the revolts. That was a pretty easy task but then she had us do a popcorn style discussion. This meant that anyone could say anything about what they wrote down which inevitably gave us a light discussion of the topics posed. After, we did that for a while we got to have lunch early, instead of starting at 12:00 p.m. we started at 11:30 a.m.

We all decided to go eat at the Houston Market and then go browsing. For lunch, I had a teriyaki bowl for the first time. It was really good but I had a hard time finishing it all. Then, we went headed over to a sports store to  browse for a bit. We spent about 8-10 minutes in the store before we decided that we didn't like anything in there. So, we left and  went to the quad to put some of our things down and for me to change my shoes.

Immediately after, that we walked back to McNeil in order to make it in time for the site visit to Chinatown. As we walked through the doors we saw that the group was already standing and waiting to leave. We then got our tokens for the S.E.P.T.A  and counted off. Then, we walked down to the station.

We were on the train for about 20 minutes or so and then we walked through Chinatown to a charter school. At the charter school we met Ellen , a representative for the Asian-Americans United or the A.U. She told us about an injustice in South Philadelphia at South Philadelphia High school. The injustice that occurred was the brutal beating of Asian immigrants by African American students. The Asian immigrants were victimized in the bathrooms, pelted with milk cartons in the cafeteria, and beaten in the halls. When they told the administration they're issues went unnoticed. At lunch they went to the principal 's office to ask if they could stay in the classroom.because they iinstinctively knew that they could not go to the cafeteria and be safe. The principal called a campus officer and had them escorted to the cafeteria.  At that moment they were jumped,  pelted and beaten by the African American students.

After, school was even worse they again went to the principle and they were escorted off campus by an officer and the principal. As they walked down the street they were greeted by a mob of African Americans who jumped and corner the group and savagely beat them. By that time the officer and principal were gone.

The following day the school sent out a letter saying there was an issue off campus but nobody was hurt. When the parents of the injured students received the letter they went to the district and school board to figure out why the administrators let this attack happen. They found no answers there, so the students decided to organize. For 8 days the students went to the A.U and learned how to organize and boycotted their school.

When they did that the district held a meeting to not apologize for the injustice but to place blame on the Asian students themselves.  They claimed that an Asian gang beat up a ddisabled African American student so the African American students retaliated. After, that they suspended about 8-10 African American students which they felt was enough to take of the situation that had occurred.

When she shared that with us I was utterly surprised because it happened in 2009, which wasn't that long ago. I also found that the students who are in my class who live a couple of miles away from the school failed to be informed of the injustice. After, that we began our walk back to the station.

Once we arrived at the station we immediately got on the train to head over to Fisher Bennett because we were late to a mandatory ballet presentation.  The presentation was given by Anna Carapellotti and a fellow performer. The fellow performer did a scene from the ballet of Spartacus. The specific scene was after Spartacus was captured and he was chained up and was looking for the help of the other slaves and captives. Anna's scene was when Spartacus was about to leave for battle and she need comfort. So, the last scene was more of a duet or partnership between the two. They then taught us the steps of the scenes ( the basic steps obviously) . The lifts were to complex for our basic level skills.

Once, they finished class was over and we were dismissed. Joanne, Jun, Chiamaka, and I decided to Walk around for a while before going back to the quad. We did a lot of browsing and then went to the Wawa by the campus and bought some snacks. When I came back to campus  I had a small amount of time to go to my dorm and grab my laptop and set my stuff down because movie night was starting.

Movie night was the night my floor mates, R.C and I decided to  watch a movie. The movie we picked was Pitch Perfect.  When I got to my dorm I checked my phone and saw that I had received a text from my R.C telling me that we were meeting in Forderer's lounge. When I came in I only saw three of my floor mates and Sam my R.C, struggling to try to get the blue ray player to work. Which was a long and procarious process, until Sam called Jared a fellow R.C.

We watched the movie, ate pizza, cookies and I had a panini. I didn't stay for the entire movie because I still had to go take a shower and I was pretty tired. But, it was a really great day overall.

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