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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Feeling Blessed

Today is the last Sunday that I will be here and I wanted to make the best of it. Elexis and I met up at 10:30 AM to go to church. We wanted to try out the churches that were in our home area. Luckily, there was a church called the Grace Covenant Church that held a service in the Sheraton Hotel, which is in our home area. Elexis and I really enjoyed the service and felt welcomed. Unfortunately we had to leave early because we had signed up for an activity at Summer Discovery. 

Elexis and I got back at the Quad at 12:45 PM and directly went to Jun's room because it was the closest. Inside Jun's room, we saw Chiamaka and Justeen. Since almost the whole crew was there, we debated about whether or not we should go to the Phillies baseball game because it was almost 100 degrees outside. In the end, we decided to go because we wanted to see what a baseball game was like. The Phillies played at their home stadium, Citizens Bank Park, against the Miami Marlins. I didn't understand the rules for baseball so I was confused throughout the game. Too bad our chaperone, Mr. Hillyer, wasn't there because he would have explained everything that was happening in the game to us. The heat was the worst part of the game. The seats were scorching our behinds but after a short period of time, we got use to it. The first couple innings weren't very exciting and the only interesting thing that happened was that one of the players from the Phillies broke the bat while batting. As the game went on, it became more exciting because both teams were wanted to win. In the end, the Phillies won 8-7 against the Miami Marlins. I probably would have been more excited if the Giants were playing though. 
Phillies on field, Marlins batting

When we got back, Jun, Chiamaka, and Elexis went back to their dorms and I hung out with Justeen in her dorm. I brought my computer over and we watched Youtube videos for an hour before going to dinner. Justin and I bought a sandwich from Wawa and split it. We went to my room to get laundry detergent for Justeen. I went to an RC gathering and we spent the night watching a movie and eating cookies. The cookies were delicious and it was great to hang out with everyone. It sucks that we only have less than a week together. 
Stephanie, one of my floor mates, and the cookies
Left to Right: Michelle, Divya, Tracy, Stephanie, Samantha, Me, and Kinick


  1. Joanne you n00b LOL. its ok though, I probably would have thought that the most interesting part of the baseball game was the bat breaking too, if I were there HAHAHAHHAHA.
    Glad you seem to be having a really fun time with close to 100 degree weather over there!
    Hong Kong has trained you well. HAHAHAH.

  2. Way to go! We hope your last week will be fulfilling! I'd look forward to seeing you using the social justice skills and fighting for the truly oppressed voice in the world!