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Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Day in Jersey Shore... And Not the Show!

Going out for two days in a row is exhausting, but both days were definitely rewarding. I actually had the opportunity to sleep in today, but of course, I forgot to turn off my alarm and I ended up  waking at 7:30 AM. I didn't have to be out until 8:45 AM, so I just slept for another hour. Jun, Chiamaka, Joanne, Elexis, and I decided to go eat at a food truck, but we ended up having miscommunication because we all arrived at the front of the Quad at completely different times. It wasn't reaally a big deal, but I ended up having to get my things in a rush because we went to breakfast later than we had all planned.

By 9:45 AM, the Quad was completely full because all of the students were waiting with their RC groups. When we were walking to the buses, the policed closed the street for some reason, so we ended up walking even further to get to the bus. At this point, I was starting to feel like it was not going to be a good day, but I tried to keep my optimism up. There were 8 buses  lined up, and I feel like they were even nicer than the buses that we had yesterday.

My bus buddy, Charlotte
On the way there, I sat with Charlotte, one of the girls from my floor. I didn't know how long of a drive it was going to be at the time, but at least the RCs had played a movie for us. The ride ended up being almost 3 hours long, and we arrived in Ocean City at around 12:30 PM. The plan for today was to just have fun at the Jersey Shore, and that's exactly what we did. My friends and I were all in separate buses, so we just met up at the flashpoint before we headed out.

We finally made it to Jersey Shore!
It was sort of cloudy on the beach, but I was surprised that the wind wasn't even cold at all, unlike the beaches in the Bay Area. when we started walking, we stumbled upon an amusement park, which was part of the boardwalk. My excitement grew even more because I absolutely love going on rides. However, Elexis and Jun were exactly the opposite of me, but we still made them ride it. This resulted in Jun giving me a death grip on my wrist when we went on the Ferris Wheel. We ended up riding about 4 rides before we finally gave up and started walking around. Jun was in a search for the cheapest possible sweater with a lifeguard design on it, and we were practically walking into all of the stores before she finally found one.

When we finished shopping, it was around 4:15 PM, and we still hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, so we went to the Dog Shack, a burger joint on the boardwalk. Afterwards, we just laid in the beach for a while and took some lovely pictures. We met up with everyone else at around 5:15 PM and I ended up sweating so much! The sun was finally out at this time, but at least we were already walking towards the bus. It's sad that I brought my swimsuit and towel, and I didn't even get to swim, but I still had fun regardless.

Unfortunately, the bus hadn't arrived yet, so we just sat outside for around 20 minutes. The bus ride itself was actually faster than when we were going, and I also ended up just taking a nap, which made time fly by faster. We all arrived safely back in the Quad at around 7:30 PM. Chiamaka and Elexis were already inside the Quad just sitting on the grass, so Jun, Joanne, and I joined them. We decided to go look for a nice restaurant for dinner at around 8 PM, and we ended up going to the New Deck Tavern.

It was finally around 9:30 PM, so we called it a night and went back to our rooms. Joanne ended up staying in my room until it was floor time because we live close by to each other, and I just laid in my bed after she had left. Today was actually more fun that I had expected because I don't usually enjoy going to the beach, but I ended up making great memories at Jersey Shore. 

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