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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cars, Physics, Fast Cars!

Greg's Lecture on Special Relativity
I woke up this morning around 8 since I stayed up with my friends from my dorm watching Netflix last night. It was a usual morning, went to eat breakfast and then to class. We had a lecture about Special Relativity. I had a lot of background knowledge on this because I watched a documentary on it on discovery channel and then researched it more during my leisure time.

The theory of Special Relativity states that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, the closer things get to the speed of light, the shorter they get, and how mass increases and time slows down as you get closer to the speed of light. This is all very interesting and seems like a fantasy straight out of a science fiction movie but it is all indeed very possible and true. This can all be covered by Einstein's energy-mass equivalence formula, e^2=m^2c^4+p^2c^2, where e=energy, m=mass, c= the speed of light, and p=kinetic energy. This formula can also be represented as a right triangle.

This formula tells us that the objects net energy is mostly influenced by mass and its affected by both the momentum and the mass of the object and so as the object increases in kinetic energy the mass increases as well. The speed of the object will never get to the speed of light because if it did the mass would have to give in and the object would no longer be an object of mass but instead pure energy and it would just become light. Or in the case of a supernova explosion the mass would become infinite and therefore gravity would as well and a black hole would be born. 

As an object get closer to the speed of light it gets shorter because the front of the object goes faster than the back. This means the front is gaining more mass at a faster rate and with mass comes inertia therefore it gets harder to change the speed of the object in the front than in the back and if you keep pushing from the back the mass and inertia in the front will be so much greater than on the back that the object will be compressed and shortened. 
Stickiness of DNA to Carbon Nano tubes

After the lecture on special relativity, we had a staff lecture about nanotechnology. It was very interesting and the sensors that they use were made of a single layer of graphite. I found the fact that you could grow them very interesting. It was an awesome lesson and I learned a lot, but most importantly I learned something about myself that I had doubts of, do I like the field, from what I learned, I don't think I would enjoy working in that field very much. We were dismissed to an early lunch. I ate with my classmates and then we came back to the quad to play frisbee. 

We met up at 12:30 in front of the quad to get on the buss that would drop us off at the car museum. Once we got there everything was gorgeous! All the cars were beautiful in their own way. From the oldest to the newest they were all fascinating and exciting to see. We were on a physics field trip and so we did physics with a bowling ball and a broom. It was an experiment so we  had a variable, the mass of the bowling ball. We tested emerita and momentum and proved that the more mass you have the harder it is to accelerate and object. We had a relay race around the track that was made from take on the flat segment and it was awesome! My team and I went second and we ended up in first place!!! It was a very close race we only won by a fraction of a second because second place had almost the same time as we did. It was an exiting race that was nerve wrecking and blood pumping during every race. It was awesome!  
Best Quote Ever!

We then had plenty of time to appreciate the beauty of the cars and the engineering development of each and every one of the cars that we saw. It was an anazing experience and we even got to see a classic car in action outside the garage! It was all worth it, one of the best days of my life. 
Oldest Car In The Museum (not owned by the owner)

The fun didn't end there I we got back on time, 4:30p.m. , and since we had dinner and movies with our RC at 7 I went to jam with my friend Fred and then went for a quick workout at the pool in the jym and took a shower there. We all went out to chipotle and had a really good time bonding. It was wonderful and it brought our RC group closer together as a whole. We watched Ted 2 and it was hysterical! We were all pretty tired by the end of the movie and so we went right back to our dorms and went to bed. 
Ferrari GT
Nissan GTR!

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