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Sunday, July 12, 2015

It's Been a Week!

I woke up about two hours later than the time I usually wake up. I haven't gotten enough sleep over the past week so it was a treat to sleep in. I woke up at 9:00 AM to get ready to go to church and then met up with Elexis and a RC. The RC took us to church since it a little bit out of our home area. We went to Wawa to get the some breakfast and ate as we were walking there. Elexis and I went to a church called Christ Community Church of Philadelphia. The people there were very welcoming and greeted us like they have seen us before. Before service started, people would play background music and some would greet each other. The church started out the service by singing a couple of songs and a lot of people sang their hearts out. Some cried out "Hallelujah" to God and I thought that the was people were very lively. In the sermon, the pastor, Terry Davis, spoke about taking some time out of our day and use it to pray to God; he encouraged us to do this for 21 days so the plan was called 21 Days. I thought deeply about this and it reminded me of what people say about habits; it takes 21 days to form a habit and three days to break one. Elexis and I had to leave halfway through the sermon because we had signed up for an activity. 

We rushed back to the Quadrangle to meet up with the people who were taking us to the mall. We met up with the other cohort members (except Rudy) and boarded the bus together. The bus was just a regular school bus but it did seem a bit bigger than the school buses at my school. I sat next to Justeen and fell asleep on the ride there. I found out the name of the mall when I got there; it's called King of Prussia mall. Elexis and I bought a pair of flip-flops and when I paid for it, I was surprised to see that there was no sales tax. It turns out that there is no sales tax on clothing and hot food. This made all of us excited because in the Bay Area, there is sales tax on almost everything. Chiamaka, Justeen, Jun, Elexis, and I went to H&M first because it was the closest store. We spent about an hour in the store and I bought myself a T-shirt. When everyone was paying, Justeen and I went over to Auntie Annie's and I bought myself a cinnamon sugar pretzel while Justeen bought two ICEEs (one for her and one for Jun). We walked over to Forever 21 because we told them that we would meet them there. The pretzel I had was delicious and I was really tempted to buy another but I had to refrain myself. 

 Some went to different stores but we all eventually met up at Forever 21. At Forever 21, we stayed there for about an hour. Nothing really interested me so I sat down most of the time and surfed the web. After Justeen was done paying, she and I walked to Uniqlo. I bought a pair of shorts from Uniqlo and I was excited to learn that they gave students an extra 10% off so I decided to test it out and used my Penn ID. The discount worked and it lowered my item to about 12 dollars. We had to rush back to where we were let off and hop the bus back to the dorms. Again, I asleep and when I woke up, we were in front of the Quad. 

Jun, Justeen, and Elexis decided to go to the gym to work out but I decided to work on my blog and go an hour after. I uploaded pictures onto my blog from the previous day and then went to the gym. There, I saw Jun, Elexis, and Justeen on the bikes so I went over and joined them. Rudy was nearby and he was working on his blog. After exercising, we decided to go find places to eat. At first we wanted to eat from the food trucks but then there were no food trucks around so we had to look for other options. We decided to go for Chinese because it was nearby and the easiest to order. The food was subpar but it's a place that I wouldn't go to again. 

After finishing dinner, we went back to the Quad and decided to do laundry. Elexis and Jun met up with me in the laundry room and we did laundry together. While doing laundry, the three of us worked on our blogs so that we could sleep early. 

Tomorrow is another day to learn more about Social Justice. From an email that Professor Lamas sent out, I can see that tomorrow will be another exciting day as we will have a couple of options to choose from for the lecture. 

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