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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Phillies vs. Miami

It's finally the second Sunday in the program, which means that I'm going to be going back to California in a week! I can't believe it. Time flew by so quickly, and I honestly don't want to leave. I enjoy the environment at Penn, and I'm definitely going to apply for college here, so let's hope that I actually get accepted. Anyways, since it's a weekend, the students are in charge of getting their own food, but at least the Dining Commons were open for brunch. I ended up waking up at 8:30 AM today, which was way too early, but I didn't know what time we would go out for breakfast, so I just laid in my bed and did my part for our project in Physics. I ended up finally getting out of bed at around 10 AM, and I went out with Chiamaka and Jun at around 11 AM.

It was extremely hot today, and the temperatures reached almost 100 degrees, even though it was still the morning, so after breakfast, we just stayed inside Jun's room. At around 12:30 PM, Joanne and Elexis joined us, and we debated on what to do for the day. On one hand, Chiamaka and Jun wanted to go to the mall, and on the other hand, I wanted to go to the Phillies vs. Miami baseball game that Summer Discovery offered to take us to. It took us a while to decide, but we finally agreed on going to the game because our RCs couldn't take us out to the mall.

The entrance to Citizens Bank Park 
We went out to the Quad at 1 PM, and it was scorching hot outside. I was having regrets about deciding to go to the game because I was already sweating, even though I barely went outside. We all walked outside to the buses, and there were three yellow school buses sitting out front. I didn't realize how many students were actually going to this game. The drive to the stadium was actually pretty short, and we arrived in about 30 minutes. Before leaving the bus, I was told that water was not allowed inside, so I had to leave my water bottle in the bus. After we went in through the gates, I found out that it was perfectly fine to bring water in, but I ended up spending almost $5 for ONE bottle of water. Not only that, but our seats were at the very top in the very left of the arena, so my first baseball experience was definitely not going well.

The view from our seats
When we first sat down, the seats were burning, and since I was wearing shorts, it felt like it was going to burn my skin off. At that time, I instantly regretted going to the game instead of the Mutter Museum. I was not enjoying my time there because the sun was killing me, I had been ripped off, and I didn't even like baseball. After a while, I settled down, and the game was actually pretty interesting. Initially, I was extremely uncomfortable and there were no announcers, so I hadn't really payed attention, but towards the end, the game became more intense. Overall, my first baseball experience was okay, but I don't think I would go to another game because I don't really follow sports.

The Phillies ended up winning 8 to 7, and the game ended at around 4:40 PM. We immediately headed back to the bus afterwards, and since there was traffic, we arrived at around 5:45 PM. When I finally went back inside my room, I was so thankful for the air conditioner. I was literally covered in sweat after we came back, so I just took a nice cold shower and just stayed in my room with Joanne. By 7 PM, we were getting hungry, so we bought a sandwich at Wawa's and we just ate in one of the lounges in my building. I then went downstairs to do laundry, and I actually ended up signing in early.Today was such a long and hot day, but at least I got to go out. One more week in this program, and I'll be done, so I have to finish strong!

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