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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hershey Park!!!

Today was absolutely amazing, I woke up on time and I dint feel tired. We had to meet outside the quad before 8 a.m. since we are going to Hershey Park. I missed the Hershey Park trip that almost everyone in Summer Discovery went to last Saturday. Before getting on the bus I asked Bill how his morning was and he told me “I’m going to need about three more hours to answer that question” I thought that was really funny and cool. I got on the bus and sat with Perry and it was one of the best bus rides I have ever been on. We were laughing most of the time and face timing Johnny and Premal. We even called C-money (Creg) and talked to him about the corn filled scenery we had from inside the bus. We sang, danced, laughed, and before we knew it we were at Hershey. We got off the bus and we all walked together to the entrance. We met up with Mary who had purchased our tickets before we arrived. Once we got in we all met at the flashpoint that happened to be near the entrance of the park. We got our equipment and went straight to work so that we could hang out with our groups for the rest of the time.
Bus Ride to Hershey
Zach, Perry and I

Gervon and his partner joined us on Bear Claw, the ride we were collecting data on. Premal put on the vest that held the accelerometer. We all waited in line and couldn’t wait to get on. We got on and it felt like a long ride we were all screaming at each other during the ride because we sat across from each other. It was really fun but I hadn’t eaten breakfast so I didn’t plan on getting back on. We returned our equipment and bill advised us to take a video to match the data since we had gotten since our point of reference was constantly changing on the ride. We went back to take a video and the line had gotten longer and I still hadn’t had breakfast so Zach and I didn’t get on. We sat down beside it and talked about how our experiences at Summer Discovery. We both had awesome experiences although they were very different. Our group finished and to their surprise they had not recorded a thing because the camera was blocked by the belt. It was very funny and they had to ride the Claw once more to record the video. Meanwhile me and Zach walked around and ride the bumper cars because the line was small. It was really funny to wait in line since we got to see everyone riding the bumper cars and a lot of funny things happened on the track. We rode it twice and met up with our group again to have lunch. Our whole group, except for Johnny got chicken strips and fries.  I was surprised to have gotten full from eating them. Meanwhile we finished our lunch Zach left our group. We talked to Creg about quantum physics and he helped us understand the thinking behind it all it was very interesting since he has a great way of teaching. We got water refills and headed back to the rides.
Science Ride
My Tres Amigos
Chocolate World!

We walked around looking for short lines because we didn’t have much time and so we ended up in the bumper cars line. It was completely worth the wait because we had as much fun waiting as we did riding the actual bumper cars! We then went on to ride the Claw again but the line was too long so we enede up in a little kid’s ride that was like cups. We spun around as fast as we could and ended up extremely dizzy when we got off. I was having the best time with friends. We then walked to Chocolate Wold. Premal and I had the second Best Milkshakes ever! Only coming second to Ghirardelli.
144 Chocolate Bars

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