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Friday, July 3, 2015

Things are good in U.C. Penn!

Woke up feeling dehydrated this morning I guess it was because of the sauna the night before, I hadn't packed everything yay because we were leaving at 9. It was 8:00 am and I packed my bags fast and headed downstairs for breakfast. I saw that Joanne and Jun and Chiamaka were already there so I joined them after I got a good amount of food. John came down and also joined us after Jun left to bring her things. Time flew and it was already 8:50 when we finished breakfast so I hurried upstairs and I took a while getting downstairs because I couldn't find an item I misplaced. We got a text fr john reminding us to be there as soon as possible as we were all leaving downstairs.the weather was nice and warm again made me kinda miss the Bay Area mornings since I like the cold foggy mornings. As soon as we got on the road to the airport it started pouring down rain! Wish we had rain like that in California, it would be very welcomed.
Pouring in Atlanta

When we got to the airport it was still raining so we all hurried to the entrance where it was sheltered from the rain. We all checked in our bags and we were told that our flight had been delayed about two hours. We freaked out but john helped us calm down since he told us that it would all be alright and that this wasn't as bad as we thought. He gave us hope and told us that we might get to take a straight flight to Philadelphia in best case scenario. We didn't want to get our hopes too high since he also told us that an ILC cohort had spent 25 hours stuck at an airport before. We took the airport train again to get to our gate after we passed thorough the screening it was much easier than before, thank goodness the lines were empty! Once we got to our gate john talked to the lady and he got us a flight straight to Philadelphia!!! Although we would have to wait for five hours for the flight to arrive we would only arrive one hour late to Philadelphia. It was great news!
The Airport Train is Far From Overkill
We had 5 hours to kill, great thing there were plugs where we could change our electronics. We started off my finding an empty gate where we could all sit down as a group. We were all in good mood and hanging out. Then John have out our stipend for two days and advised us on how we could spend it. Then he told us this great story about the eye surgery he went through since he used to wear glasses. It sounded really painful but he says he didn't feel a thing since his eyes were completely numb. We learned that your eyes grow lens by Layers and that we smooth it out by blinking. It was really cool! I then killed time by watching the boondocks on Netflix with Justeen and Joanne they found the show to be a bit weird since they hadn't watched it before. We also talked about how every main character in the show represented the personality groups found in the African American community at the time. I Found it very interesting then I took a 15 minute charging break while I worked on my blog. 
Lovely Lunch

Downtown Philly!
We ate lunch at five guys, it was my first time trying it and the burgers were great! I love mushrooms and the burgers had a good amount of them the fries were also good. We sat down on different sides, I got the corner so I didn't socialize much but absolutely enjoyed the food. We finished eating and continued the waiting. The five hours flew by! We were all using our electronics. Once the boarding time was near we went to our gate and saw the luggage being loaded. The luggage was being mistreated and we all were staring and talking about it. The waiting time on the line felt much longer than the full five hours we had waited. The flight to Philadelphia was the best flight yet! I drew and also talked to the two strangers I sat next to they were cool people and around my age. We finally made it to Philadelphia! 

After we arrived we quickly walked down to the luggage claim area after taking a bathroom break. We got our luggage really fast. Then John figured out the shuttle details and we waited for the shuttle for a while. Once we caught the shuttle to University City, U.C. Penn, it wasn't long till we could see downtown, the city was beautiful. Got to the hotel and checked in our bags, this is where we got our first taste of the Philadelphia personality, straight forward and scruffy, as described to us by our waiter at Distritos later that night. 
My View From My Room

Pie (math) Shaped Student Apartments.
Sweet Fraternity House!
We dropped off our luggage and went on a walk around the UPenn campus, it was amazing and all the buildings were beautiful. Like John said it felt a lot like home even the weather was a little bit similar this day. We saw the famous statue of Benjamin Franklin sitting reading a book and we also saw many fraternity houses that were amazing and absolutely gorgeous. Old style architecture was everywhere on campus and it is beautiful! We saw our dorms and it is awesome! It looks like a castle because it's made from rocks bricks and cement and it is humongous! 
Well Hello There Mr. Franklin
Our Dorms!!!!
We were all very hungry and w
alked down to Distritos where we had really good food and great customer service. We had virgin margaritas and they were really good! We had great appetizers and I ordered a steak that I shared with everyone that was delicious! We ended dinner with deserts and left around 9:30 pm. It felt really weird again but I was expecting the weather to be warm at night it was strange because nights are cold in Cali. We ended our nights with snacks and a blog party at johns room! It was an amazing day and we finally made it to our final destination, University City UPenn or as I like to jokingly call it, U.C. Penn!!!!

Awesome Chapel With Creepy Statues At The Sides
On Our Way Back

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