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Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Day of Serious Walking Part Two

Yesterday was a series of walking and today I proceeded to running. It was the first Sunday I experienced here in Philly so I thought I ought to do something exciting and fun. Well, turns out that we, as a cohort, had already signed up for the King of Prussia Mall trip. The bus was to leave at 12PM so we decided to go get breakfast at 10AM. Elexis and Joanne is very committed for their church service so they followed an RC to a local church to practice their prayers. The rest of us headed to the 1920 Commons but failed to remember that on Sundays it is open from 11AM to 2PM for brunch. 

The ride to the mall was a little less than an hour and Justeen and I talked about our senior fall semester. We realized that after this program ends, our high school starts a week later. There will be no break between studies but that's a good thing so we can continuously improve ourselves. In no time we were walking around the mall, searching for things that catches our eye. Chiamaka, who loves shopping, snagged a few good deals and so did I. Justeen, Elexis, and Joanne, on the other hand, had kept their wallets shut so they came out of the mall with three or less things. We boarded the bus at 3:45PM and arrived back to the campus at 4:40PM. Everyone was feeling unhealthy these past couple of days because of the continuous eatings of greasy food so we all decided to make use of our resources and work out in the gym.Once I started on the treadmill, I felt a rush through my entire body, telling me, "thank god you're finally working the muscles". After an hour of running, I've accumulated unattractive sweat spots on my shirt and I took that sign as a declaration to shower and get food. We exited the the gym at around 7PM and thus began our search for food. 

At first we wanted to eat at the food court down the street but it turns out that they were closed. Then our second option was to go buy some food truck dinner. Turns out that they're gone for the day so next we tried out for the dining commons but they're closed for the day, too. We finally gave up and went to the nearest restaurant for dinner, the Beijing. It was okay Chinese food but was definitely not authentic. I would consider going back there but the service determined the result. Up until we paid, the service was nor good or bad. Once we put our combined money onto the money platter, he straight out counted the money in front of our faces and said, "you didn't give any tips". I was utterly shocked yet disappointed to his remark and akhem, we're high school students mimicking college students who's broke but we did give tips. Sure, it wasn't 15% but at least we had the mind that we needed to give tips. I still can't believe that he counted the money in front of us thinking we didn't give him enough money and then matter-of-factly saying we didn't give tips. At the end, we had to give him $6 worth of tips in order to safely leave the restaurant. What even. I will never go back for as long as I live. We came back into our dorms a little bit afterwards and did laundry. Everything about today was great,...except for that one server guy. So it's true, no matter how fun or eventful one's day can be, one negative thing can impact the whole, just like how one barbeque stain on a white shirt can make it look unattractive.
Blogging while waiting for laundry to finish

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