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Monday, July 6, 2015

The Septa,Downtown,Philly Cheese-Steak,and The 4th of July

I had a fantastic day today, we did so many things. To start my day I woke up “late” well 9:30 a.m. to be exact, although I planned to wake up at 9:00 a.m. But that didn’t stop us from doing everything we planned to do.

The very first thing we did was catch the Septa, from 34th 2nd street. We did a bit of “ touring” ( courtesy of John Hillyer) of Historic District and the Old City of Philadelphia. Before we went on our tour we had breakfast at The Continental. I had french toast with a side of turkey bacon it was pretty good but I think the french toast could have been a  little sweeter and the bacon was fairly greasy to be turkey bacon. After, we ate our breakfast right when we were leaving the restaurant and a parade started. We watched it for awhile but it was raining the whole time so, we left.

Independence Hall
In the Historic District we saw Independence Hall. It is known as the famous birthplace of the United States because the Declaration of Independence signed and the Constitution was debated and signed there. We also, went to Carpenters Hall which is located a few minutes away. This hall is known for hosting the first Continental Congress meeting in 1774. The inside and outside were gorgeous and well kept. My favorite part of Carpenters Hall was the fireplaces at each end of the room.
Carpenters Hall
When we were in Old Town we saw the First National Bank of the United States. And because our chaperon is a US history teacher he was overjoyed to drop some history on us. We also, saw the second National bank Of the United States. As well as the excavation of Ben Franklin's house. Next, we went to the mall for awhile which was cool.

We went back to the hotel for 3 hours and then we left again to go watch the fire works by the Schuylkill river. The fire works were beautiful and I had a really great time!

In the end I had a great 4th of July in Philly and I would do it again. A billion times over!

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