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Sunday, July 5, 2015

First Place Winner! Undefeated Champion at Rock Paper Scissors!

Today was an amazing first day! I started my day at 8 a.m. it was a great morning I called packed all my bags, posted my blog from the previous day since I didn't finish because was dead tired the night before from all the fun we had. I then texted john to figure out breakfast. He gave me about 30 minutes to get ready. He invited everyone but the girls were busy and didn't make it. We had breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, it was my first time there and the change of food felt great. We checked out CVS and then headed back to the hotel. We were downstairs in 10 minutes since it was already 11 o'clock.
Hopkinson Dorm is Where I Am Staying.

Our walk to the dorms was not bad at I thought it would be. Since I had to carry all my bags I though it would be a pretty bad walk but it was pretty decent. Once we got here I was full of energy and went signed in and got to my dorm as fast as I possibly could. All the summer discovery RCs were wonderful they were all so cheerful and nice! Especially my RC, Gervon, that recognized me at first sight. It felt really welcoming and I thank him for taking his time and memorizing my face and name! I dropped of my things and organized my luggage fairly quickly. Then we all went to the summer discovery office and met Eli! He was awesome! He  was very nice and courteous, he asked about our blogs and talked he even joked around about the food posts previous ILC students had done. It felt great to meet someone someone who was this exited to read our blogs! I would like to thank everyone who takes time out of their busy day to read our blogs, you are all so very wonderful and we appreciate it very much!
My Feelings Towards My Readers! 

As we were heading out we saw Eli yet again. He gave us advice and told us about a great donut place that also sold fried chicken. We went to check it out and the donuts were scrumptious. Not everyone wanted fried chicken so we went to another restaurant that was sadly closed today, but john was prepared and took us to Mad 4 Mex, we had a lovely lunch and then went to CVS again to get essentials. All I needed was sunscreen so my shopping as quick and small. Meanwhile I felt left out from all the things the girls got, everyone had gotten so much stuff it made me wonder if I needed anything else.
Our Dorm Looks Amazing!

We headed back to our dorms after we finished shopping. We said goodbye to john and all said we would miss him. Our life for the next three weeks had officially started! I came to my dorm and got to meet my roommate for the first time! As soon as I saw him I instantly knew it would be a great summer! His name is Stephen Lee, he is from So-Call and he is an awesome guy! He is very friendly, nice, considerate and just an amazing roommate. He was okay with my cohort checking out my room and even nice enough to join us on our quest of room seeing. We all had a great time checking out everyone else's rooms. We saw Josh, one of Stephens first friends here this summer and he also joined us. We made it to Jun's room and split up. The guys and us went down to check out the pool table. We found it and were joined by Will another friend I go to make today! We played until 5, dinner time.

Dinner went well, we walked about three blocks down to the cafeteria and the food was great. Especially the way you could eat till you were stuffed. I sat with all the friends I made. We headed back to the dorms, Stephen, Will and I walked alone since we lost sight of our RC at the cafeteria. We got to the dorms where all the groups were having icebreakers. we found our group and joined another group in doing icebreakers! We played move your butt if, it was basically the post man game, a game where you said something about yourself and whoever was the same had to switch spots and the last person in the middle got to be the post man. It was an amazing game and by the end of it people knew my name. Basically everyone joined us and we all formed a huge circle. I challenged myself to speed walk across the circle and not be last everytime. The game ended well and we transitioned into a Rock Paper Scissors game that was an elimination game so only the undefeated could move forward. I somehow ended up undefeated and went for the first place. We were tied and I was sweating, with the unforgiving sun beating down on me I looked straight into my opponent's eyes and for the last nerve wreaking pick I picked scissors and she picked paper. I could not believe my eyes! I had won! With a roar from the crowd and my very supportive RC cheering for me I celebrated with a cheer. We had some more icebreaker in small groups and then headed in to have a meeting with my RC and dorm friends who are all amazing by the way. We went over all the basics and things we needed to know and then check out the office, post office inside the dorms and a meeting room. To get to the meeting room we walked to the top floor of our dorm and made our way all the way around, in though a library lobby and into the meeting room which also happened to be the pool table room where we played earlier.
Top Floor Hallway, Gorgeous 
We headed back, I took a shower and went right to bed after I posted my blog. Thank you again for reading our blogs!

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