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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Not a Great Start

Disclaimer: Due to the WiFi shortage, I will be posting pictures shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Update: Here are the photos!

Last night's trip to downtown Philly drained the  last bits of energy from me. I woke up at 9:30AM but was reluctant to get up because it would then mark the end of our college trip. I got ready to say goodbye to our hotel room for the last time and headed downstairs to meet up with the rest of the cohort. At 11AM, we started heading down to our UPenn dorms to check in. There were unexpectedly a lot of people already there checking in.

Upon entering my room, I felt something odd. Real odd. It smelled bad. Real bad. The carpet absorbed all kinds of smells and the AC just made it worse. I guess I'll have to get used to the smell. I  settled in and took all the space available since I was assigned a singles room. There's bound to be lonely times but I do enjoy the quietness at night.
Before heading to fill our tummies, we visited the head coordinator for this summer program, Eli. His humor very much reminded me of Don, our ILC coordinator. Our cohort very much appreciated his interest in reading our blogs and thanked him for his time to introduce himself to us.

Mr. Hillyer took us out to lunch for the "last" time and originally we were supposed to go to a delicious BBQ restaurant but they were closed for the holiday weekend. Mad Mex, a Mexican restaurant, was picked at last. I ordered Wings-O-Rito which consisted of classic buffalo wings within a burrito. To be honest, I had expected it to be saucy and scrumptious but that definitely wasn't the case. It wasn't the flavor I was hoping for but I guess it was because I'm from California.
Interior of the restaurant
Large servings of okay nachos
Looks scrumptious, but not really...
Our floor's RA, Amber, took us to dinner at 5PM and that's when I got introduced to the Penn commons. The food was decent and it protrays typical dorm food. Our floor members headed back to the Quad ( the center grassland for all our dorms) and played several ice breaker games to lighten the mood. We played several games "Move Your Booty" was played to get to know each other within our dorm but later on it turned to a massive circle of Ro-Sham-Bo. Later on Amber reviewed the rules and regulations for these three weeks. The pre-orientation ended around 8:30PM and I decided to make use of this time to take a shower before heading to check in at 9:30PM. This was when things got crazy. I had everything I needed and headed down to the shower stall. The moment I hung my things onto the hook, the water suddenly sprung to life and soaked all my clothes wet. I was horrified as my current clothes and my night clothes were wet. I tried closing the shower head but luck was not coming my way. Turns out that it was broken and now I had to walk back to my room soaked. Thank god my room wasn't that far.

Nothing was going right because my WiFi decided to suddenly stop working. I eventually had to type my blog on my smartphone while waiting for my laundry to finish at 11:20PM. This was not the best way to start my academy experience but I will not let this get into my way. Tomorrow is a new day and new adventures coming my way so who's got time to be feeling down! Not me!


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  2. The place to eat lunch was definitely not my first choice :(