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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Happy Hillyer-Day!!!

I woke up this morning to realize that the lack of sleep has caught up to me. I snoozed my alarm and woke up at 7:30. Took a shower and left to eat breakfast with Stephen and Josh at eight o'clock. I ate fairly quickly and went right to class. It took me less then 10 minutes. To get there from the cafeteria. I got to class early and I was still a bit tired.
Inertia and Centrifugal Force

The lecture flew by we had a very interesting lecture about the wonderful birth of classical physics! We learned many interesting things about Isaac Newton. He discovered that white light was composed of all the colors put together, he created modern calculus, and the word force. I also learned that Newton wasn't a people's person and that he taught one class at 2am because he wanted to avoid dealing with student, even though people still showed up. In fact one of his famous quotes was, "please close the window I am feeling a draft", this was a famous speech and the only thing he said at the parliament although he got elected twice. We then went to play around with the same machine as the first day but this time we got to measure collisions and the force that was exerted and how the graphs looked like and to interpret them. The graphs measures, speed vs time, distance vs time, and force vs time. It was a quite fun lab.
Optics, Telescopes

My group and I finished fairly quickly and went out for our 1 hour lunch break. I grabbed a burger at the lunch hall and sat down and ate there where there was AC since it was still hot and humid outside. I went back and time flew learning optics, it was amazing and awesome and everything went well till I pulled the emergency alarm in the bathroom. It was an honest mistake since it looked like a switch and it was where the switch was supposed to be and it was the only thing that stood out. The optics class was awesome and we had the most consistent experiment yet!
Optics, Infinite Object Distance

Class ended quickly and we were off to the dorms. Me and my cohort were ready to celebrate John's birthday! We all got dressed up and had our gifts ready in advanced. We went out to Baby Blues BBQ and had the best dinner yet! At the end we had a surprise for Hillyer and a cake, we all sang happy birthday to him and even strangers joined in! His expression was worth it all! We headed back to our dorms and hoped to see him again on Saturday to go to visit Columbia university.
We Even Made Him Blush!

Once I got to the dorms I did laundry and went to get a much needed full night's sleep.
See You Soon John!

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