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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Good Day Becomes Better

At breakfast
I actually woke up on time this morning and I felt like today was going to be a good day. I went with my cohort and a few other friends to eat at Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast at 8 AM, but their portion was so small that I was starving by 11 AM. Anyways, it was around 8:30 AM when we all decided to go to class. Unfortunately, my friend had to go to the Quad to get something, so I had to walk to class by myself. I was still unfamiliar with the campus, so I ended up getting lost. I tried to look for an RC at Starbucks because they told us that one RC would be there at all times, but I could not find anyone, so I ended up calling my RC for directions.

Thankfully, I made it to my class safely, and I think I somewhat know my way now. I made it to class by 8:40 AM, and I just waiting for the lecture to begin. We talked about Dynamics, which was basically about Newton's Laws of Motion, inertia, and acceleration. Then, we headed to lab to test out our knowledge. We used carts that were on a rail and we made it slide on a wooden dowel until it hit a clothespin in order to figure out its force, velocity, position, mass, and acceleration. I actually enjoyed this lab because I was able to understand it thoroughly. Also, my group was finally allowing me to talk and help out, so it went a lot smoother than I expected.

I didn't really feel like eating at the Houston Market today, so me and my friends, Leesa and Sema, went to a pretzel shop to eat lunch at 12:40 PM. I wish that we had more than an hour to enjoy lunch, but we were back in class by 1:30 PM. This time, we talked about lenses and how and what they were used for. The professor did a little bit of an instruction session before we headed to lab yet again. The groups were told to examine how lenses affected an image, but this seemed complicated for me. It took us about 15 minutes just to get started because we did not know what we had to do. Afterwards, it became a little bit easier once my teacher explained what was happening. To truly know Physics, you have to know what in the world is happening, and maybe that's why I like learning about it so much.

One of our labs
At around 3 PM, we were in the hallway doing our lab when all of a sudden, we heard a really loud beeping noise that was blaring throughout the entire building. Everyone thought it was a fire alarm, and we were about to start exiting the building when out of nowhere, Rudy comes out of the bathroom yelling "I'm sorry guys! It was me! My bad!" My group and I looked confused as to what in the world happened in the bathroom, but we later found out that he pressed the alarm for emergency situations instead of the light switch. We were sitting in the room with the sound of the alarm for about 10 minutes before we it finally stopped. Today was a rather interesting lecture, and I went back to my dorm at around 4:50 PM. 

Pre-dinner picture

During my free time, I started up my blog, and relaxed in my room by myself. It was incredibly humid outside, so I'm glad my room has air conditioning. My cohort then met up again at around 5:45 PM for dinner. He did not know anything about it at all, which made the surprise even better. When we met up, everyone was wearing semi-formal attire except for him, which was all part of the plan. We headed over to Baby Blues BBQ and had some amazing large portions of food. This is where we surprised Mr. Hillyer with an ice cream cake and a gift card. We asked one of the staff members to put the cake into the freezer and serve it after our dinner, but unfortunately, the put it into the refrigerator, which became melted. Thankfully, Mr. Hillyer still showed a happy expression about everything. I'm just glad that he enjoyed the dinner and the surprise, even if it didn't go exactly according to plan.

After dinner, everyone stayed at Joanne's room and we had another "blogging party." I know we do it so often, but it's one of the only ways we can figure out what happened throughout the day. I ended the night on a good note, and I feel that tomorrow will also be a great day.

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