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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The start of a Inter'Lectual journey

Today,I had class for the first time along with the 1920's commons and the Houston market. Sam (my counselor) and my group went to get breakfast at the 1920 at 7:30 a.m. to try and miss the lines. Yet, like with any great idea many people had already thought of it and acted on it earlier. In other words, we still ended up waiting for about 20 minutes just to get into the building. Excluding, the lines to actually get food or the search for a group of tables to sit together. After, we found an area of mutuality we broke up to go find ourselves breakfast. I found myself in a line to get pancakes, eggs, and bacon. I stayed in line for 10 minutes and when i finally got my plate I walked back over to my group and sat at a window seat. I tried the pancakes first, then the eggs, and finally the bacon. When I tried the pancakes I only thought they were over cooked and the eggs worried me because they were almost to yellow and round. Last but not least the bacon, which I only took a small bite of it and all I could taste was salt.

When everyone finished we went back to the quad to meet up with a counselor who would lead each person to their class. I saw Joanne when I got there and then we saw Jun and Chiamaka. Next, we had to form a huge check-in line to make sure we were with the right group.After, everyone checked in we walked to our class.

Once, we arrived at the location we broke up into small groups again this time with teaching fellows a.k.a professorial aids and instructors. My group has about 10 people in it and my teaching fellow is named Dato. From there each group was lead to a large area of grass. I did recall one of Professor Lamas's emails saying we would meet outside sometimes. But, what we did was something that totally shocked me was that we did Qui gong on the grass. 

After, that was completed for about 30 minutes or so we headed to the classroom. The classroom took me for surprise because the room was actually very intimate in comparison to the large UC's. I was expecting a larger room like the lecture halls in other schools not saying that there aren't any but I have yet to see them. The reason the room hand be changed  there were and are no straight lines in nature. Rows and straight lines also presented evidence that someone or something was always in control. For example,  an assembly line is full of rows and lines in which one person is making all the money they can from the labor of the line.

The class lasted a total of 4 hours in the morning but we did receive a 10 to 20 minute break after the first two hours. In that time everybody talked to their group, went to the bathroom or ate from the vending machine.When we went back in for the remainder of the period discussed a slideshow of images and tried to determine its purpose or the message that is supposed to be depicted.That is a process categorized from the simple text book form of critical thinking. There are actually three different types of critique (critical thinking) one being immanent critique which is looking at something and determining its contradiction. The second is external critique which is when we know how to do something more efficiently do something but we follow the status quo way. Last but not least is internal critique which is a way of contradicting someone else because you caught them in hypocrisy. We did a lot more in the morning because it is what I like to call a full lecture period. Which is very interesting by the way. 

When we went to lunch after class we went to the Houston Market, it is basically another  dinning hall. Jun and I shared a salad and some fruit because we had know idea what to get. 

Next, we headed back to class for the second half of the lecture and the teaching fellow time. I enjoy both parts of the class but I will have to learn to love the timing and the  team building exercises.
When class ended we went back to the quad to meet up with our counselors to be lead on a tour of our perimeter and boundary. After, the tour everyone was so tired I came straight to my dorm took a shower and I blogged..


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