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Thursday, July 2, 2015

No Pepsi, No Problem

Today marked the second day of our ILC trip and luck was fairly on our side. We all met downstairs in a timely manner and boarded our shuttle over to the airport. We successfully landed at the Atlanta International Airport, which is one of the largest airports in the country. It was so big we had to take a train to baggage claim. 

We were lucky enough to find a shuttle to take us over to our hotel for a quick luggage drop off then over to Emory University for our tour. Our tour started out a bit shaky due to spasmodic rain. Our tour guide did her best working around the rain and I feel as if we got as much out of the tour as if it hadn't rained. We saw the inside of the dorms which was bigger than what I'm used to. We also saw different libraries and halls scattered around the campus. All of these different sights helped me develop a good idea of what the University's character was like. 

Our tour guide spoke of different Emory traditions such as "Wonderful Wednesday" or "First Friday" in which different events happen on campus during those days. The event that sounded the most interesting to me would have to be "Dooley Week," which is similar to "Spirit Week" at some schools. During this week, Dooley, the unofficial school mascot, comes round to different classes to release students, plays pranks, and walks around with body guards. I loved the school spirit and the sense of community at the school.
Touring in the Rain

In all honesty, Emory was beautiful. The trees were tall, the buildings were comfortable, and the air was clean. I loved the fact that the class sizes are small, and that studying abroad is common. I really liked that there were so many clubs on campus and there's so many ways to get involved on campus. All of these aspects are really important to me when college searching. Even though I liked the school a lot, I just feel like I wouldn't fit in. The school just didn't click with me. I didn't get that spark in my head that told me that "This was the one." However, I would recommend the school to others.

Our lunch after the campus tour was to die for. We went to Community BBQ, and it was the best barbecue I've ever had. The meat was cooked perfectly and I am going to be dreaming about the ribs tonight. Throughout the day, I realized that Coca-cola is really big here. The Coca-cola company was created by John Pemberton who spent two semesters in Emory. I have not seen a single Pepsi anywhere. I am a Pepsi fan but I guess I can set my differences aside for this beautiful city.

Next we head to Pennsylvania and I am more than excited to see what the day will hold for us. 

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