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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Getting The Hang of Things!

I woke up at my regular time, 6:30 and woke up happy because I had texts from my loved ones. I got ready and crossed my fingers because I wasn't sure if the swimming pool was open at seven a.m. I got to the gym and it was opened! The pool was really nice had twelve lanes, Olympic pool, great staff. I swam for about forty-five minutes and then went back to the dorms to shower and get ready for breakfast I headed out for breakfast and saw my cohort and our friend Emily. Me and Joanne had to eat quickly and leave because our class is the farthest away from the cafeteria. We got to class on time and everything went well in the morning lecture.
Wave artifact
We learned about momentum how a change momentum needs a force. About how the annotation for momentum is P because it looks like F which is the annotation for force. Work is the transfer of energy and it also requires a force. We learned other basics and went upstairs to  the short lab. It went well and was very fast. We bounced a ball under a sensor and analyzed the data that was given about the distance and time and velocity and time graphs. We then went back to the lecture room and learned more about optics. We then went to lunch and I spent my lunch with my lab partner and one of my friends from physics class, Ben. We both had sushi because it's always a hit and never a miss at the market.
Sound Wave
Sound Wave and Microphone, Neutralizing the Sound Waves 
Once we got back we got to talking about sound waves and how they can camel each other and the nature of waves. A wave is a disturbance in a medium and can pass right by each other and won't interfere with one another like particles do. I leaned that blue rays are better than DVDs and CDs since they store blue light on the disk and blue light waves are much smaller than red light and thus the points on them are much smaller and more fit in the same area. We then took the knowledge we gained about sound waves and applied them to light. We went to the lab and calculated the length of the light waves of different light sources with geometry, and with the measurement of the light spectrum in gas light bulbs. The time flew by and before we knew it the 3 hours of lab were over and it was raining outside! It was a good thing I had come prepared for the rain.
Private Lessons From Bill
Light Indeed Is a Wave

I left with my friends from my physics class who were staying in the same dorm as me. We went to the gym and I headed up in a Zumba class that was very intense and I barely made it through the workout. We did 1,000 reps and I was exhausted going down the stairs was a difficult task I must say. I had to hurry to the cafeteria because it was 6:20 pm and dinner ended at 7pm it was awesome that I found my dorm-mates right away and we all went out to have ice-cream at Ben and Jerry's. We came back and had a great time at the pool table. We found out it was our RC, Gervon's birthday! So we all went out and got him mango and such because he loves that. It was awesome and we all celebrated it during our 10pm RC meeting. It was a great way to end our night.
Neon Light and Neon Color (on left top)

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