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Monday, July 6, 2015

Feels Like A Week Has Passed! Class is a Success!

I was supposed to go running this morning but I woke up too cold and too tired. On the bright side my roommate and I agreed we were both too cold and tired and didn't run. We met in front of the dorms by 7:30 am and walked to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. Breakfast was great, the pancakes were delicious and I had taken a liking to the chocolate milk they have. It went by fairly quickly since the line to get in was absurdly long. I was the second to last person to meet up with the physics class sadly. We took a detour in the morning to get to class that was longer than it had to be but it was an honest mistake so everything was good. We made it to the engineering building where we are having the physics class. When we came in we were a bit late so the professor and assistants and supporting teachers introduced themselves to us.
It was a quick introduction, Bill Berner was our professor and I instantly got excited to be in physics since I had read so many good things about him in the physics blogs. Then the rest of the staff introduced themselves, Marry, Craig Harper, peter and James. We got down to business and marry showed us the ropes and the key to a successful 3 week camp with no grades! Then we went upstairs to the lab after an amazing lecture by Marry on dynamics. The lab was great and I got to meet and work with my group, they were all awesome people and I had a great time with the experiments and filling out the worksheets. Before I knew it we finished the worksheets and headed downstairs where Bill introduced us to optics before we left to lunch with the RCs.
Lunch Destination!

We had lunch in the “MARKET” it was a very nice place and they had a wide variety of good foods, only problem I had was getting a hold of it. The place was saturated but all was not bad, I met a lot of people and the sushi I barely finished on time was delicious! We headed back and dived right back into optics with Bill! He showed us many things, from a “real” lightbulb created from the reflection of light from a curved mirror to a narcissist’s best friend, a box corner reflector. We then went up to a different lab to run experiments to prove a theorem he had taught us in the lecture. I got some time with Bill and Marry and they told me great stories. Bill told me about how he lost his index fingertip, he was fixing his car when he was a teenager and he turned on the engine and his finger got caught on the fan belt of the car. Following this Marry told me about how he got his daughter to not move while getting her nails clipped, she told her that what had happened to Bill’s finger was that he moved too much while his mom was clipping his nails. Luckily my group had great communication skills and teamwork we all got to help out and were engaged on the experiment.
Invisibility, Optics

Before we left I got another great story, this time from Peter Harnish. He told me about how he had gotten a big scar on his forehead; he was working at a Boy Scout camp in Ohio while he was collecting firewood a tree fell on his forehead. He wore a hat for the rest of the week because he didn’t want anyone knowing he busted his head collecting firewood midway through the week we left early to dinner. We left without my roommate because social justice ran long. Me and josh went together, we both got seconds and Stephen joined us soon after, we sat down and had a nice dinner together, we got ice cream before we left and got back to our dorms a few minutes before orientation.
Eli's Presentation

We went to orientation and it was great, Eli talked to all of us and gave us wise words to live by, “swipe your card, it opens go in, someone tells you you can’t be there, go out”. Then we went over all the rules and regulations with Rob and we went to see our home area where we would be spending our three weeks, my RC did a great job and we covered everything we needed to cover. I ended up with a good feeling of the campus and our home area. We came in and I was exhausted, the good news was that Stephen and I now knew how to use the AC and wouldn’t spend another night freezing.
City Skyline

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