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Monday, June 1, 2015

Nerve wrecking School board Meeting

One Nerve Wrecking Moment, Success!
Wednesday morning, it was a regular morning like any other, but there was something I was forgetting. Something important that I had been waiting for, I couldn’t recall what it had been. I got ready for school and checked my calendar, that’s when it hit me! I had totally forgotten about the board meeting. I reminded my mother immediately and she told me she couldn’t go because she had to take care of my two younger sisters. School once again flew by because I was really nervous and exited to go to the board meeting and give my speech. I had no speech written out but I had been thinking about the moment when I went up in front of the board and the people present to talk about all the wonderful things of the ILC and Penn University.

Gentlemen's Club ILC 2015!
It was 2:30pm and the last bell rang, I walked home exited for later on that evening, we were supposed to meet at Lovonya Middle School at 5:50pm. I was relaxed because I live very close to Lovonya and my mother was supposed to give me a ride. When I got home around 3:10pm I was even more exited! I ate dinner and waited 30 minutes to take a shower and get ready. I put on my suit and tie and I was ready. I reminded my mom about the board meeting and she told me I would have to drive myself because she was busy taking care of my two younger sisters. I kept calm and told her that it was okay. She then asked me to run an errand after she took a phone call from my uncle and I said I would and so I made a quick stop to the store that wasn’t so quick because by the time I had gotten back home it was about to be 6 pm.

Gentlemen's Club 2015
I rushed into the house to leave the things she needed, gave her a kiss on the cheek and left to the board meeting. John called to check on me when I had gotten on the wrong parking lot and I told him I was there but I hadn’t parked the car yet. I was worried and rushing to get to the right parking lot. In the excitement the position door where we were supposed to go into had slipped out of my mind but I quickly remembered because of the three people that were talking outside the door. I hurried in and the sight of my peers relieved my worries and stress. I noticed Elexis was missing. I got worried but my peers told me she was running late like me and she would be there soon. We were called to a quick meeting with my peer Penn summer students by our chaperon John and we talked about what we would do once we got called. He also mentioned my speech. I got worried and nervous because I didn’t get to putting my thoughts into words. With the guidance of my chaperon I had an outline to my speech before we went to sit down with our group.

Our Wonderful ILC Sponsors
We were the second to last group that was called and each passing group was amazing and had a nice presentation, it made me proud because I realized I was very privileged to have those bright young people as my peers. But it also made me scared because all the speeches were awesome and I was afraid I wouldn’t compare. Finally we were up, my heart dropped but with the help John had given me I know I wasn’t going to fail. We went up, unrolled our Penn flag to represent and John introduced us and our program and my speech. Oh so soon It came, a nerve wrecking moment scared and nervous I went up and gave the speech, I talked about the three things me and my peers were looking forward to this summer. They were the various cultures and people we would meet, our exposure to new colleges we wouldn’t have had the chance to visit and learn about if it wasn’t for the ILC and finally the reflection blogs we would be writing every day. Somehow I got through the speech and I thanked our sponsors and everyone who made it possible for us to have this amazing opportunity this summer.
ILC Class of 2015!!!

We ended with a group picture of the whole ILC students and parents, the guys, we were outnumbered by far and so we decided to take a group picture together, the gentlemen’s club as we called it was created. It was an amazing experience and AWESOME! I went home and did homework for a long time; I have been finally finishing up. THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO MADE THIS POSSIBLE FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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