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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Informal Informational Orientation


Today, was the orientation for the trips to the several destinations the cohorts will be going. As any orientation it was informative and well deserved. I not only learned more about what I should bring,borrow and expect but I also learned a lot more about my cohort members. For instance, I learned that my cohort members are funny,very kind and friendly. I figured they were but they have continued to be the same way they were the first time I met them. The only exception is we have all become more talkative, since the interview.

As I was saying about the orientation information, it was well deserved and informative. One of the many things I learned was how early our flight maybe (in some cases we might have to be there for six in the morning). Along with that I learned how much of a stickler for earliness Don is. Also, I found out that John our cohort chaperon is a morning person. Well, to be totally honest I'm not a morning person, but this program will help me to become further equipped with the tools of adult-hood. And a major part of adult-hood is waking up early and managing my own sleep schedule according to John. Although, it isn't something I am used to I am ready to develop a new definition of early and late, because my definition of early is twelve noon on the weekend during the school year but during summer it is probably around one in the evening. From that alone you probably don't even want to know my definition of late.
John discusses the seriousness of punctuality.
At the moment when Don and John where talking about the timing, I was feeling so worried because I know myself. But, I was not going to let that worry me because I had to remind myself that waking up at "crazy times"  was all apart of the experience and opportunity.

In exactly one month, my cohort and I will be on our way to the "Lone-Star State" also known as Texas. To be exact we will be heading to Rice University in Houston, Texas. After that we will be on our way to the " Country Music Capital of the World", Nashville, Tennessee. There we will be visiting Vanderbilt University. Finally, we will be reaching our final destination Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; where we will be attending the University of Pennsylvania.

I believe that I speak for my whole cohort when I say that we can't wait to go to Penn and have the ability to receive and share our wonderful experience( through our blogs) with you all. We are counting down the days right now. I can't wait, I'm so excited.

"Informally Informed"

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