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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ready, Set, Go!

As I'm writing this blog, the smell of horse manure from the stable across the street enters my room in a friendly way. Boy, am I going to miss this smell for a month!

The day has finally arrived for us to depart. In a few hours I'll be meeting up with my companions for this summer study trip. Soon Don will be checking to see if everyone has their identification and medical cards. Soon I will be saying goodbye to my parents for 25 days. Very soon, I will be travelling as a responsible adult. Because this will be my second time participating in the Ivy League Connection, the the mistakes I made last year will be beneficial to my success this year.

What I had learned last year was to not pack 5 jackets. I did not need all those jackets in a place where it is over 90 degrees. This has made my packing way easier and more efficient as I packed for the weather this time. Still, bringing a light jacket is a necessity.

Don says that a good toiletry kit is essential. Yes, it is. Very. Last year I thought that bringing one would only be a hassle and a plastic bag would be enough to carry my shampoo and conditioner. It figures that you need more than just your shampoo and conditioner when you take a shower in a humid, dirty stall. I'm going to follow Don's advice once and for all and invested in a sturdy bag to carry everything. Lets see how that goes. It will most likely be better than carrying my plastic toiletry bag in one hand and a laundry bag in the other while putting a bath towel on my shoulder. Yes, way better.

To make things go a little smoother and quicker for tomorrow morning (3:15AM), I am going to weigh my awesome luggage and make sure they aren't over the Southwest Airlines limit. This was a critical point that people missed last year. Someone had a luggage over 55lbs and thus resulted in her saying bye-bye to her favorite stilettos with everyone staring at her. I'll make sure tomorrow that if I sob, I'll sob for not seeing my parents for a month and not my favorite scented 27fl oz body wash.

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