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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Before We Go....Let's Eat and Fellowship!

Zachary's Pizza the best Chicago pizza in the area! The dinner today was set up to serve as a gathering for all of to get to know one another and discuss events that will happen on the trip. We were joined by Mike today from '13 ILC at Penn. The only thing I was looking forward to today was the dinner; everything else that I did in school didn't make the day better. Can't go wrong with (good) food on a bad day! 

As we were waiting for our food, Mr. Hillyer shortly informed us of what was going to happen on the trip. We are eagerly waiting for our plane tickets and other info but it will come to us soon. Our alum who joined us, Mike, gave short testimony about his experience there and the events he went to. It sounded really awesome and everyone seemed very excited. The first dish that came was a thin crusted pesto-salami-jalepeno pizza; not sure what the name of it was. I was a bit skeptical about it and thought that it wouldn't taste good but when I tried it, it was delicious. I was already half full when the second dish came and it was a sausage, pepperoni, salami, bacon, tomato pizza called Carne. You can never go wrong with bacon. Another deep-dish pizza came after which had chicken, tomato and basil however I did not try it because I was full from eating a slice of the Carne. 

Carne Deep Dish Pizza with an Italian Soda 
As we were eating, Mike said that each week, a program called Summer Bridge would provide us tickets to go see one movie for the week but the movie would have to be decided by the people on our floors. I am extremely excited about this because I know that there are a lot of good movies coming out in the summer. He also informed us that the physics lab is very cold like the dorms and advised us to bring a sweatshirt just in case. Mr. Hillyer and him talked to us a lot about the weather and how it can rain one minute and be sunny the next. They also said that the rain over there is like taking a warm shower except you are outside and it feels really nice. Jun and I gave each other looks because we have experienced weather like this as both of us have been in China; which is also very hot and humid. 

After everyone was done eating, Mr. Hillyer asked for the check and paid with his newly activated credit card hoping that it would work and it worked! We all got lollipops, which is a bonus for kids our age, and everyone took one. Now it's off to play the waiting game again! 29 more days to go! 

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