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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Our Dream Will Come True Faster Than I Imagined!

Today was like a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs. My alarm went off,” Last week of school! This week will be great no matter what!” I said to myself first thing this morning. Without knowing how shaky my day would be. I got up and worked on school work, since this week is the last week of this school year I set myself a goal to finish strong. Thus my morning started calm and collected I had everything planned out; I would go to school, go to first period and turn in missing assignments for my ITA class and then go to continue with my AP Art Portfolio breath pieces and come home to continue working on school work and get ready early for the evening. It rained so I got a ride to school from my best friend Kenneth, since we always bike to school together. We went to first period and we had a lot of food to eat the whole period. It was a great way to start my morning.
John in Action
Time passed slowly and it was a very relaxing class. The bell rang to dismiss us to lunch, I was full from all the food so I went straight into art class to do art and have a great final day in art class this school year. I love art so I was in a great mood. I thought it would only get better and so time flew and the dismissal bell rang. I went to check in with my AP Spanish and chemistry teachers to make sure I had everything taken care of for the last class. With a smile on my face I skated to the gas station where my mom would pick me up. she told me I had to go pick up my baby sister while she ran some errands I reminded her we had to be at the meeting at 6 and she told me to not worry and so I went to pick up my sister and came home around 3:10 pm I know that time flies and so I called my mom to remind her what time we had to leave. I was getting worried so I decided to watch educational YouTube videos on how to build your own free wind energy station. It was interesting and I thought about it and imagined myself doing it during summer and fell asleep in no time. It was horrible because when I woke up it was 5:25 pm.  

I found myself in a race against time I felt a little mad at myself but I realized I had no time to be mad because I had to be at the orientation in less than half an hour. I dashed to the bathroom and took the shortest shower by far this year. I got dressed and with 20 minutes sparing I got on the car and drove with my mom to Pinole high school. I tried to go as fast as possible while doing so safely and legally. The freeway was filled with cars and the traffic was moving slow. “Oh no!” I thought to myself but I had not given up hope. I  When I got there I was frustrated because I realized I was at the wrong place and it was 6:02 pm. I was late and I remembered the email said “Pinole middle school, NOT HIGH SCHOOL!” I was mad at myself and hurried to what I thought was Pinole middle school. It felt like the longest drive ever. John called me to ask about where I was and to give me a word about being prepared and punctual something I had failed at today. Feeling devastated I ended up at De Anza high school thinking it was Pinole middle school. I had been there with Don before so it was a familiar place and so I thought that was where we would have the orientation. In the stress and chaos of running late I had forgotten that that was a high school and not a middle school.

'15 ILC Penn Group
Any hope I had left escaped upon the realization of this mistake I had made. I was frustrated and mad at myself. I promised myself I would prepare more in the future and read every part of the emails sent to me by Don and the ILC. We finally made it to the orientation and I hurried in. I talked to Don and apologized for being late. Don accepted my apology and asked where I went after Pinole; I told him De Anza it was very embarrassing because I should have known better. He guided me into the room where I Penn was and I went and sat down as quietly as I could. I was the last person there. I came in and I was given the rough draft schedule for the summer at Penn. John talked to us about the things we would do and how we were going to go about them. He warned us it would be hot. I like wearing shorts so I was excited about it. He also talked about how wonderful the city was and safe and fun Penn was. The rough draft schedule started on July 1st this made me excited because we are one month away! We went off to the packing review Don would give us and I apologized to John for being late. Don did a great job explaining all the things we would need for the summer and what we could borrow from the ILC. It was awesome and it made me happy. Especially since I had such a horrible commute and almost gave up on finding it. Thank you John for helping me get to Pinole middle school and I am sorry for being late. Thank you for your kind words upon my late arrival Don, it helped me relax when I was so tense and stressed. This was a good lesson to learn, I won’t let this mistake happen again. Once again sorry to John and Don and to all my peers for my late arrival.

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  1. We all screw up from time to time and you had your share tonight. You made it and were able to participate and that's what matters. Glad you were able to make it.

    I'm betting that this will be a learning thing and I don't believe that this is a mistake that you'll be making again.