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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Deep Dish Among UPenn's Cohort

I got a little taste of the "Windy City" or the "Chill Town". For those of you who are unaware those are nicknames for Chicago, Illinois. The taste I received were several slices of Chicago-style pizza. ( Don't judge me though.) Our bay area patch of the "Chill town" was Zachary's pizza which is located in Berkeley, California. I have never been nor have I heard of Zachary's before, but one thing I can say is that for my first time trying it they did not disappoint.
Best Deep Dish In Town!!!!!!

As we go and we grow, we learn something new about someone or something everyday. A new thing I learned today was that Jun has a very unique type of taste. As we were eating she shared with me that she can eat a lemon like an orange which is pretty cool and I also learned that she likes her food really spicy. But, then again we have a very agreeable cohort so spiciness was not an issue for the majority of us. I also learned that John is a "foodie" which is awesome because he will always know all the amazing places to eat. 

During our dinner we discussed multiple topics dealing with the East Coast and Pennsylvania itself. For example, we discussed the difference in weather, even though to me it sounds just like bay area and California in general. The reason I believe it is the same is because in places like Sacramento, Antioch, Fresno, etc. it can get up to 100° degrees while in Richmond it is a cool 70°. Mike a former ILCer told us that most of the time when it rains it is still warm outside mean while our dorms are freezing.A freezing dorm isn’t bad when it is scorching hot outside but when you aren’t used to very cool temperatures it can be a problem.

Mike did a great job at describing what we should expect from the weather, he was very detailed. He told us about the outings Penn offered and how he would go on everyone that was available. Mike did an amazing job at raising my excitement for the trip.

Between the food,weather,travel,adventure,curriculum and overall experience I can not wait to go. I am so grateful for having received this opportunity.

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