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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Deep Dish-n-Talks

I have been thinking about the deep dish pizza ever since I woke up this morning. I glanced at my clock and looked to see that it is five minutes past my routined wake-up time. I crawl out of bed and thus began my get-ready custom: brush, wash, and change. As I descend down the newly vacuumed staircase, I grin. There was a plate full of cooked eggs and "zai". Zai (if this is how you englishize it) is a type of grinded meat found in most Vietnamese sandwiches stores. I grabbed toasts from the toaster and settled down to make my deluxe morning sandwich. I was going to make three sandwiches: two for the morning, and one for the afternoon, but I realized that we have our dinnereon tonight at 6PM so I ended up with two fully condensed sandwiches. I started to browse the Internet hoping for someone to invent a new language or fly to Planet X. Sadly, today's headline did not catch my interest. I went outside to the roaring '97 Avalon outside in our backyard which my mom adjusting her driver's seat. I asked my mom, "You remember that I have a meet-n-greet tonight at 6 right?" She responded, "Don't worry, you've already reminded me enough times this week to let me forget. I'll meet you in house at 5PM.

Today's class seemed to drag to an infinity number of hours as our teacher talked about Aristotle to Confucious to Epicurus. I had not realized that self-realization happens with seven adjustments that come along the way in Western culture. Also we talked about self-cultivation and how it differs in Asian culture than of Western culture. I'm surprised to say that Confucious rarely talks about life after death or whatnot and focuses on the present time. I carried this thought throughout class.

As Justeen's mom pull up on to my driveway, I say hello as Justeen climbs out of the car. We watched a few minutes of TV before my mom said it was time to go to Zachary's Chicago Pizza at Berkeley. We arrived there in scheduled time and met up with Elexis and Rudy. As we entered the restaurant, the smell of tomato sauce activated my adrenaline and almost instantaneously my eyes fired up. I was hungry and ready to eat. Mr. Hillyer talked about our itinerary in more detail than yesterday and I listened closely as I might have left out on yesterday's presentation. We have finalized to visit Rice University and Vanderbilt University over the summer before heading off to University of Pennsylvania.
Chicken special with Root Beer. Yummmmm
Whenever I order something new, my motto is to go weird. Mr. Hillyer decided to get a thin crust jalapeno, pesto, and salami pizza as an appetizer before our 40-50min baked deep dish came out. Both pizzas turned out to be amazing scrumptious and my tummy never felt so glad and full.  The meeting gradually came to an end when most of the pizza got devoured by us. Rudy was the first to be picked up and Joanne walked to her car as we exited out of Zachary's. The remaining cohort went to Pegasus books right next to Zachary's and browsed. There were a group of people tuned in for Jazz Stories Night in the bookstore and I couldn't help but take a picture of this heartwarming atmosphere. 
A community within a community
Now that all the ground work has been done, I wait for July 1st to come so we can fly and learn because that's what all the prep work was for.

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